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Longing Development Corporation

The Logo:Flying Sakura

Despite lasting for merely a blink of an eye,
the beauty in Sakura's flying motion burns deep into every soul in witness.
The ephemeral eternity.

The Name:Undying Heart

Life is a process.
You will rise after every fall.
You will fight after every failure.
Embrace the darkness, become the light.

We humbly pursue absolute value.
All performances we claim are tested and certified by third-party laboratories.

Body Surface Microclimate is the temperature and humidity condition between our skin and textile.
As shown in researches, we feel most comfortable with the temperature at 32±1℃,
humidity at 50±10%, and wind speed at 25±15cm/s.

Body Surface Microclimate Optimization is the core function of all our products,
we engineer products of high adaptability to engage in wide varieties of environments and activities.

Undead Techwear All Rights Reserved
All performances are tested and certified by third-party laboratories.

Adelaide Finewine Cellar


Apex Health Care Mfg.,Inc

1.patient lift
2.care bed
3.treatment table
4.rehabilitation device


Bemer,Blood Glucose Meter,Other Clinical & General Diagnostics

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Channel distributor 2. Personal distributor 3. Retail


1.MIT professional R & D team and service of exclusive development for customized formula provided - with 30 years of abundant R& D technique and beauty-service experiences. R & D centers both locate in Taiwan and Guanzhou,China to acquire the qualification of ISO22716 and CGMP.

Synchronously updating international technology and sharply grasping the market pulsation to renew professional OEM/ODM foundation - with OEM/ODM one-stop service and franchise-cooperation business philosophy to cooperate with 50-years-history natural plant R&D established Japanese company : Technoble and Japan Kinki University to develop the machine-transfer technology : BA-5. Jourdeness is committed to patent-oriented development for finding regional trading partners working together to expand the global market as well.

Chung Ming Textiles Enterprise Co., Ltd

Functional Underpads

CPC Corporation, Taiwan

Biotechnology products,Corporate image

ESER Health Care Digital Technology Co Ltd

GlucoGenius: a brand new non-invasive healthcare management tool helping long-term monitoring of 5 main health records including oxygen saturation,blood flow velocity, hemoglobin, pulse and glucose.

GHS Advanced Inc

Homeangel Homecare Service Smart System

Global Action Inc

FOOTDISC insoles