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Academia Sinica

1. Promote Academia Sinica technologies.
2. Introduce National Biotechnology Research Park.
3. Promote Taiwan Biobank.
4. Promote serves of Program for Translational Innovation of Biopharmaceutical Development-Technology Supporting Platform Axis.


Bruker MRI
Sleep warmly on the -243℃ bed, Live with colorful dreaming.
Bruker Micro CT
With invisible penetrative hand, Modeling the nano space of the body
Bruker PET
Monitoring the hidden light, Recording the in vivo cell living and pass away.
Bruker’s preclinical imaging
By the 3D tomography, We serve for research development and innovation.


We provide human intestinal microbiota detection service, which means analysis of the distribution of the bacteria in human intestines. By using next-generation sequencing technology and data analysis, we can identify, classify the bacteria, provide health analysis and intestine classification. Our service can also provide basic intestinal health composition information based on the analysis results and combine this information with subsequent nutrition and diet guidelines.
This detection service can be used in regular medical laboratory and hospitals as one of the tests in a health examination.

CellMax Life

CellMax Life is a leading cancer diagnostics company whose mission is to transform how cancer is diagnosed and managed with globally affordable non-invasive tests for early cancer detection and management. CellMax’s unique expertise in both Circulating Tumor Cell and Next Generation Sequencing of DNA and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) has enabled multiple highly effective precision medicine solutions for healthy people as well as patients diagnosed with cancer.
Cooperation projects and needs
Marketing & Distribution

Development Center for Biotechnology

1. TIM3: DCB8C11 binds to a new epitope in the new IO target, TIM3, showing great Kd & TGI effect.
2. TCELL ENGAGER:DCB’s BsAb is a high-yield, easy-for-CMC, long t1/2 drug.
3. Providing integrated platform to overcome bottleneck in drug development and commercialization.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Looking for both domestic & international licensee(s) to proceed the development of DCB's tech towards market
2. Looking for partnership with academic & research institutes, companies, hospitals, and clinicians to collaborate AI pharma platform
3. Looking for subjects of academic and research institutes to cultivate pre-clinical drug development by establishing win-win partnerships.


GeneOnline is the leading genetic specified biotech media platform in Asia. The team pursues and provides the most updated and in-depth global news coverages on biotech research publishes and developments simultaneously to industry and academic focused audiences in Asia. The platform includes but not limited to multi-language website, social medias, multimedia, targeted eNewsletters, printed publications, and event planning and conference hosting, which provides precise connection among global industries.

Genetech Biotech Co., Ltd

Genetech Biotech Co. Ltd., established in 2007, distributes genomic sequencing and cell biology related products, also offers assistance for genomic analysis, specialized technical support, users' training, and installation/maintenance of distributing hardware. By providing efficient and professional service of genomic and cell biology equipment, we devote our efforts to Taiwan's biotechnology with professional knowledge and consistent enthusiasm.

Cooperation projects and needs
Distributed genomic related products

Genetics Generation Advancement (GGA)


Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technolofy Co.,Ltd

2. Stem Cell Bank
3. Health Food


KimForest was founded in 2004 in Taiwan, and provided devices, reagents, and analysis pipelines to health care providers, which include screening tests for cancer and inherited diseases. Since 2014, the "GeneOnLink" (GoL) precision medicine division has been established to provide next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis services for cancer studies, including experimental design, sequencing service, bioinformatics analysis, and consulting service. Following is our Integrated Precision Medicine Service:
1. Gol Comprehensive and Gol Focus: These tests are provided physicians with clinically information to guide treatment decisions for patients based on the genomic profile of their solid tumor sample.
2. GoL Lung, GoL Colon, GoL Breast and GoL Pan-Cancer: These tests are provided physicians with clinically information to monitor cancer recurrence and to guide treatment decisions, such as drug resistance, for patients based on detected the ctDNA.
3. GoL BRCA: This test determines whether you carry an inherited BRCA mutation. According to you result, your doctor can help you understand your cancer risk and help to prevent the breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
4. GoL Life Non-invasive genomewide assessment: This non-invasive test will detect your genetic. According to your report physicians and dietitian could give you recommends to prevention disease to prevention disease guiding you to better health and wellness.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution channel- Agents, distributors, on cancer and personalized genetic tests
2. Cooperative Development- physical examination center and Medical Institution
3. Research Collaboration- Medical centers