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InterMed Intl' LTD. CO.

Medical Electric Transfer Vehicle

Aiwisdom Technology Co.,Ltd

Smart speaker - Senior Companion
Sunnie Senior Companion, your best choice for elder’s smart home companion. Specially designed for our beloved elders, we aim to introduce innovative technology to their lives, helping them to live a healthier, happier, convenient life.

Smart Pillbox
Having trouble taking health food or medications properly? Numbers show that every Taiwanese sought medical treatment 15 times a year on average, and 4 prescribed drugs (on average) were given per prescription. However, have you and your family forgotten to take medicine, took the wrong pills or the same one repeatedly, not understanding the effects? Forget about the hassles! Now with our innovative Smart Pillbox, never miss any medications! In addition, you can manage the alarm time, keep track of your medications record, share your medications record with your family, learn about health information.

Cooperation projects and needs
We are seeking for the following strategy and long term cooperative partners.
1.Distributor or agent channel (3C , Home life,Health Food,Medicine Chain Store,Health food industry,Direct Distributor channels)
2.Content solution provider
3.Cloud wisdom health management ,health promote institute
4.Home Care industry


・ CaoVien Brid's Nest has 10 of their own swiftlet houses in Long An province, located 40 mins away from Ho Chi Ming city, Vietnam.
Our swiftlet houses are in an natural environment to providing swiftlets to nest. We have the FIRST cleanroom for nest selecting and purification in the world, furthermore, pure, distilled water is used in the entire procedure.

・ CaoVien Bird's Nest serves dried and edible bird's nests, and no Preservatives, bleach nor pigments are added. Our bird's nests are not re-shaped afterwards. We have committed to only make natural, animal- cruelty- free and Eco-friendly products.

CareMore International Inc

AllClean HCIO disinfectant fluid Maker(Amazing Household antisepsis assistant)
HCIO disinfectant fluid is a broad-spectrum sterilized solution which is natural, environment friendly, non-toxic and effective. Besides the elimination of general bacteria, such solution can also effectively eliminate cladosporium or spore bacteria and viruses which are more difficult to be eliminated. This is a kind of sterilized solution being equipped with efficacy stronger than ethyl alcohol, iodine tincture and bleaching water. Being made from natural salt and water, such solution is non-toxic and non-irritant. Moreover, it will revert to water after acting on bacteria. It is consequently environment friendly and will not destroy the environment despite the large amount of usage.
Cooperation projects and needs
Looking for potential International customers and export opportunity


Pur Greening-HCIO Producing equipment
Pur Greening-Antibacterial Spray
Pur Greening-Mist Air Purifier portable Hydrogen bottle

Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.

:dc Mircoparticle Stopper Mask
- PM2.5 Mask
- Block Heavy Metals In Ambient
- Block Cooking Fumes
- Block Bacteria、 Virus 、Allergen
- Apply Production Tracking System
All films are tested by independent Lab to ensure the quality
Each pack of mask has individual serial number to for production tracking system.
- Washable and Reusable

:dc Dustmite Out - Pillow cover protector
- Block dust mite and bacteria
- Waterproof and breathable
- 100% sealed no more fed dustmit as pets.
- Suitable for heavy allergic and traveler.

: dc Smog Stopper – Window Screen Protector
- Breathing Fresh Air Freely
- Isolation of outdoor Smog and PM 2.5
- Bring oxygen into the room
- Work well in windy condition
- Waterproof and washable.
- Light translucent, invisible, Good for privacy

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Looking for partner who love to promote :dc mask with us.
2. Product developing are welcome.


Clean Good is the second generation improved stabilized chlorine dioxide, functions in disinfection, sterilization, inhibition, water quality treatment, spatial deodorant, mold proof, and algae inhibition. it is applicable to food safety control in board spectrum, or multiple purposes such as agricultural and animal cultivation, replacement of pesticide and public health, etc.
Cooperation projects and needs
We're seeking for strategic partners from medical field, especially
disinfection, long term care, and air purification of healthcare center:
1. Researchers from academic institutions, specifically in public health, infection control, and sterilization.
2. Healthcare centers—hospitals, Long term care institutions, moth center for just give-birth mothers, kindergartens, and clinics.
3. Doctors and nurse responsible for infection control.
4. Sterilization for medical equipment.
5. Agricultural microbiology control.

Far East Bio-Tec. Co., Ltd

ApoX antivirus in vitro spray


Soft Clear the enterovirus Wet wipes 10 pumping
Soft Clear the enterovirus Wet wipes 80 pumping
Soft Lutein

Home Run Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Eight healthy monosaccharides
The active polysaccharide can be converted into eight essential sugars for the human body.
Note: The combination of the eight monosaccharides formed on the cells, like the eyes and ears of the cells, receives and identifies various information, and who is the “self-family”? Who is an “invasive alien”

It is easiest to ingest glucose and galactose. Glucose is widely found in starchy foods. Galactose is derived from dairy products. The other six monosaccharides are mainly obtained from plants, especially the gelatinous parts of them, such as aloe vera fleshy transparent gel, mushrooms, fungi, pods. The glial part of the food, like the sticky gum in the white fungus sweet soup. However, due to the delicate diet and cooking methods of modern society, many polysaccharides in plants are destroyed, and people are less likely to ingest and supplement eight monosaccharides.
Home Run Polysaccharide – Extracting and Purifying Multiple Active Polysaccharides from Various Plants
Since 2011, Home Run Biotech has developed one of the cores of Home Run’s product line through its team of doctoral consultants: 臻多醣 polysaccharide. In conjunction with the National Cheng Kung University and the National Chiayi University industry-university cooperation, through the laboratory’s efficacy experiments and safety assessment. The product was officially launched in 2012.

As soon as it is launched, it was gain and confirmed by the “Taiwan Good Quality Award”, “Taiwan Biotech Award”.

And also obtained the SNQ national quality mark for six consecutive years (2012-2018) certification affirmation. In addition to health foods, Home Run Biotech also uses this high-quality core technology, combined with Home Run’s other core “Planting Enzymes”, to develop consumer products that are popular with consumers: Sugar Vitality Oral Sugar, Vigor Spring Pet Enzyme Oral Spray….etc.