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A Plus Biotechnology Corporation Limited

Presently, For different grade of knee osteoarthritis (OA), the knee can be treated with arthroscopy, high tibial osteotomy (HTO), semi- or total knee replacement (TKR). As OA patients are getting younger, and TKR is an unrecoverable surgical procedure, the only choice is a second-revision surgery once the knee is infected or worn. The revision TKR will increase the difficulty of the surgery and sequelae. Therefore, for young patients with early and medium degenerative or traumatic osteoarthritis, HTO is a good choice among the treatments.

HTO realigns the weight bearing line (WBL) of lower limb by cutting from the medial or lateral proximal tibial and extracting or closing the wedge. The use of locking plate can provide stable fixation during weight bearing or knee motion. In the past, surgical failure were mainly caused by the fracture or loosening of plate/screw, leading to wedge collapse and lose of correction, which then decrease surgeons’ confidence. Thus, the stability that the plate can provide is one of the key factors for successful surgery. This project designed a 3d-printed patient-specific instrument (PSI) guide in the vision of improving the above mentioned failure modes, with minimally invasive and anatomical fit, to achieve safe, fast and accurate Osteotomy. The goal is to increase the successful rate of osteotomy. The advantages are: 1) Anatomical bone plate can have similar profile with the patient’s bone surface, 2) Extend the posterior covering area of the bone plate for distributing the stresses, 3) Enhace the mechanical strength and supporting capability to improve postoperative stability, 4) Locking screws are used to avoid loosening of the screws. In addition, 5) Reduce the operation time, 6) Lower the radiation exposure, and 7) Decrease the risk of intraoperative fracture can be achieved through the precision cut by the assistance of PSI.


Barcoded Magnetic Beads (BMB): a highly accurate, cost effective platform technology for multiplex molecular or immuno assay
MDx 3000: Automatic High Throughput High Multiplex Diagnostic System
Infectious Disease Testing Kit
Cooperation projects and needs
Public health and disease outbreak control

Academia Sinica

1. Promote Academia Sinica technologies.
2. Introduce National Biotechnology Research Park.
3. Promote Taiwan Biobank.
4. Promote serves of Program for Translational Innovation of Biopharmaceutical Development-Technology Supporting Platform Axis.

ACT Genomics Co., Ltd.

ACTOnco®+ is developed with the aim of supporting and answering the clinical challenges faced during the management of major solid tumors, including carcinomas, sarcomas, and lymphomas. The ACTOnco®+ panel comprises 440 specially-curated genes and references the Hallmarks of Cancer to facilitate treatment strategies, including chemotherapy, targeted therapy (i.e., Hormone therapy, PARP inhibitor), immunotherapy, and pharmacogenomics.

Adelaide Finewine Cellar


Advanced Biomedical Technology



Bruker MRI
Sleep warmly on the -243℃ bed, Live with colorful dreaming.
Bruker Micro CT
With invisible penetrative hand, Modeling the nano space of the body
Bruker PET
Monitoring the hidden light, Recording the in vivo cell living and pass away.
Bruker’s preclinical imaging
By the 3D tomography, We serve for research development and innovation.

AdvMeds Co., Ltd.

Smart Health Station is an All-in-One self-service device, which provides self-management service of blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen concentration, height and weight. Logging with your own smart cards, smart phone app, or wearable devices, you can immediately link with your own health data within seconds. Analysis results can be shared with your friends and families on FB, twitter, or by SMS message, forming a self-healthcare circle. These continuous data can also be important information for doctors while receiving medication treatment. Knowing your own health condition anytime anywhere is absolutely a smarter way of living and an unstoppable trend of nowadays.

aetherAI Co., Ltd

Medical Imageing AI Development Platform
End-to-end medical image AI training

aetherAI is a medical image AI incubator platform, especially in pathology. Let every hospitals can build their own medical image AI model.
• a variety of medical image annotation tools including radiology DCM and digital pathology WSI images.
• seamless from labeled data to Neural Network training and inferencing
• realize medical imaging AI development based on deep learning

aetherAI's partners and customers include the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, and National Taiwan University Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and Taipei Medical Center.
Cooperation projects and needs
Seek medical institutions, manufacturers and research units with Ddigital pathology platform construction or medical imaging AI development needs.

Aiwisdom Technology Co.,Ltd

Smart speaker - Senior Companion
Sunnie Senior Companion, your best choice for elder’s smart home companion. Specially designed for our beloved elders, we aim to introduce innovative technology to their lives, helping them to live a healthier, happier, convenient life.

Smart Pillbox
Having trouble taking health food or medications properly? Numbers show that every Taiwanese sought medical treatment 15 times a year on average, and 4 prescribed drugs (on average) were given per prescription. However, have you and your family forgotten to take medicine, took the wrong pills or the same one repeatedly, not understanding the effects? Forget about the hassles! Now with our innovative Smart Pillbox, never miss any medications! In addition, you can manage the alarm time, keep track of your medications record, share your medications record with your family, learn about health information.

Cooperation projects and needs
We are seeking for the following strategy and long term cooperative partners.
1.Distributor or agent channel (3C , Home life,Health Food,Medicine Chain Store,Health food industry,Direct Distributor channels)
2.Content solution provider
3.Cloud wisdom health management ,health promote institute
4.Home Care industry