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Acer Being Health Inc.

aBeing Wellness seeks to enhance the telemed experience through providing smart, cloud-based remote care services. Through the use of Bluetooth devices, physiological data can be easily and passively collected and monitored remotely by designated caretakers, allowing them to then offer next level service and care.

The wide variety of data and functions available to caretakers further increases the care which can be provided, increasing the efficiency of care a single caretaker is able to provide to a number of different cases. No longer just passively monitoring, caretakers are able to actively analyze data, send alerts, make inquiries, comment on dietary habits, push messages, and make calls to name a few. With our healthcare management platform, we're giving you the best choice in remote care for workplace, senior care, and more.

VeriSee is an artificial intelligence (AI) medical assisted diagnostic software that has learned the experience of many ophthalmologists at National Taiwan University Hospital in the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy (DR), and we use AI deep learning techniques to make a software that is the level of diagnosis similar to the ophthalmologist. Finally, through Acer's design experience in the PC industry, this software and hardware are integrated into an edge computing device. This device can be directly calculated without going through the network. We believe that this device is a great helper for assisting physicians in diagnosis of DR definitely.


Mentor breast implant/Stratafix/MICROAIRE/MATRIX/M.D RESOURCE

ACT Genomics

ACTOnco®+、ACTDrug®+、ACTFusion™ 、ACTBRCA® /ACTBRCA ® HRD、ACTMonitor®
ACTOnco®+ : targeted, immune, hormone and chemotherapy from 440 genes
ACTDrug®+: targeted therapy from 40 genes
ACTFusion™: targeted therapy from fusion genes
ACTMonitor® : monitor drug resistance
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Clinical Services
provide cancer genomic profiling to enable personalized treatment plan.

2. Biomarker Discovery
provide cancer genomic profiling to facilitate biomarker discovery. Customized assay is available.
3. CDx Development
offer companion diagnostic development on NGS-based or CHIP-based multiplex qPCR platforms.


AcuOnPath acquires pathological images by scanning the fresh tissue samples directly and automatically, without traditional sample sectioning, H&E staining procedures. Therefore the frozen artifacts are avoided, and the accuracy is improved. The automation operation of the device refrain from the constraint of on-site man power needed. The acquired images are intrinsically digital. The pathologist can read the images remotely through the network and broaden the diagnosis service area.

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc.

1. FDA Device Master File (MAF) registered medical grade biodegradable 3D printing materials. 2. Medical implant manufacturing service: One-stop-shop tailor-made product design service.
1. Medical grade biodegradable 3D printing material: FDA Device Master File (MAF) registered, Biocompatible, fit for 3D printing system. 2. Medical implant manufacturing service:One-stop shop tailor-made product design service.

aetherAl CO., LTD.

~End-to-End AI Solutions
• Web-based Digital Pathology System
• Annotation Service for Digital Pathology AI
• Neural Network Construction/Training/Tuning
• High-Performance AI Compute Solution
• AI-Powered Workflow Automation
aetherAI is a medical image AI company specifically focused on digital pathology. We provide web-based digital pathology system and end-to-end medical image AI services. aetherAI is dedicated to improving the quality of pathology workflow.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Digital Pathology System
2. Medical Image AI Development

AllBio Life, Inc

FloraUP® is AllBio enteric microflora analysis technology, and it combined with laboratory next-generation sequencing analysis. Patented technology accurately analyzes microbial variation areas V3 and V4. Can distinguish more flora than the market competitors.
When it comes to health, gut microbiome matters. FloraUP® uses techniques combined AI and genetic sequencing to analyze the microbes in your gut. With 3 easy steps, you can get personal and science-based precision nutrition guide.

Analytik Jena Taiwan Co.,Ltd.

Single Cell Droplet System, Real Time PCR, SERS Raman System, Ultra-micro DNA/RNA/Protien Analyzer
Single Cell Droplet Biology System, Real Time PCR, Fast PCR, Mini PCR, Micro DNA/RAN/Protein Analyzer.
Benchtop High Speed Centrifuge, Mini Centrifuge.
Homogenizer, Plate Reader.
DNA/RNA Extraction Kits, PCR Kit.


surgical gown,OR wrappers,OR drapes,OR shoes
color coded bags,isolation gown