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B.Green Technology Co., Ltd

bgreen was founded in 2006. “Health Embodies Love. Stay Healthy Every Day” is the motto of the founder as well as our persistence of health.

bgreen has been dedicates to sports medicine and rehabilitation field for decades. On the basis of numerous researches and clinical experiments, we are able to combine the function of exercise and furniture design into single equipment, the product “Sport Furniture”. Awarded with patents from worldwide, bgreen is the leading brand of sport furniture series products.

Operated in a coordinated manner in production, marketing and R&D, bgreen is distributing in Japan, China (branch), Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia (branch), and other countries at present.

Our mission is to create a lifestyle which is full of love and health, and to be the guardian for your family. We firmly believe that there must be an easy way to live a healthy and happy life.
“Green” your body. “Green” your life.

bgreen products : uSofa Sport Fitness Sofa / uChair Stress Relief Exercise Chair / uBed WBPA Bed / WBVV Equipment /All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow/Relegs Leg Rest Pillow
Cooperation projects and needs
1. International and domestic distributors and retailors

Back to Nature Co.,Ltd.

Starter Culture,Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil
Organic Red Beet Root Juice, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Condimento Balsamoro Botte 100 Travasi(Italy),Organic Apple Vinegar
100%Natural Hand Made Soap


The exclusive KBA technology for Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body mass production developed by the Balay technology Corporation has obtained a lot of certifications and patents. In particular, we have obtained patents for cancer adjuvant-chemotherapy in Taiwan, Japan and China. In addition, we have complete efficacy and safety reports issued from well-known domestic research institutions. Balay technology Corporation produces Taiwan's unique precious Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body in the spirit of integrity, quality and gratitude. Furthermore, we strive to make every liver cancer and lung cancer patient healthier because the help of Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body. We sincerely welcome industry partners such as Chinese and western pharmaceutical companies, medical health inspection units, Long-term care institutions, health food factories and brand distributors to consult product development and distribution.

Bali Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Recovery Star – fighting for productivity

The innovative rehabilitation model of the Bali Psychiatric Center is - Recovery Star. There are five main recovery powers such as anti-stress, mind-up, temperament, autonomous and productivity, to achieve the recovery and successful in rehabilitation of the psychiatric patients. The purpose of the application of the diverse occupational rehabilitation model in the Recovery Star of our hospital is to rebuild psychiatric patients’ work attitude, train their work skills and enhance their productivity.
There are many kinds of industrial therapy provided to psychiatric patients, including sheltered workshop, supportive employment, work skill training and prevocational work team such as pottery work team, horticulture work team and quilt work team. We also try hard to connect other resources, like cross-industry alliance, join art competition and exposure on news & media. Finally we expect our patients can become productive members and get recovery.

Bangham Biotechnology Inc.

Bangham Biotechnology Inc. is a Biotech company providing the True Active Ingredients for Cosmetic industry by combining these cutting-edge technologies, Liposome and Biological Network.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Request Distributors _ We intend to look for the reliable partners to expand the worldwide market.
2. Collaboration Request _ We plan to request for partnership to develop cutting-edge liposomal technology as well as novel applications of liposomes.


Health care adjustment bed and other mattress supplies


"BEMER"Pro-Set Therapy System

BenQ Materials Corporation

At anscare, we are dedicated to helping patients get back to normal life quicker.
To do that, we harness materials science innovation to enhance healing at every stage of wound care.
Backed by BenQ Materials and Anscare's in-house technical expertise, we develop advanced medical-grade products covering clinical hemostasis solutions, wound management, and scar care.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. R&D cooperation
2. Distribution


BenQ Medical Technology Corporation

Ultrasound、Surgical Table、Surgical Light、iQOR Integrated System、Dialysis Disposables、3D Integrated Implant Service、Medical Consumable、Hearing aid、Medical aesthetic devices、Medical Display、Smart Healthcare Solution
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution channel