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MacKay Medical Foundation The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan MacKay Memorial Hospital

1. ER info center
2. Intelligent decision support solution for hemo dialysis: BestShape
3. A real-time digital bedside card of emergency room
4. Medical violence prevention system
5. Real-time suicide detection and prevention system
6. Wireless nurse call button
7. Smart equipment tracking and management system
8. Medical equipment management information system
9. UDI Material Management
10. Real-time OR Monitoring and Management System
11. Patent area

Mao Ying Genetech Inc.

A multi-purposed cancer diagnostics

An accurate diagnosis for cancer is a must for the subsequent treatment design. However, the traditional cancer diagnosis which is based on a subjective judgment on the image of the biopsy may sometimes cause confusions.
We have developed an objective, multi-purposed molecular diagnostic system for cancers through analyzing a big volume of gene expression data with our proprietary algorithm. The validations by our markers could reach up to 100% for accuracies and were high in sensitivities and specificities.
The outcome of the tests could provide physicians molecular basis of pathology in addition to the information to assist diagnosis.
Based on the mRNA portrait of the biopsy specimen, our cancer diagnosis system could provide the following answers in one test:
• To identify the primary site of a metastatic cancer
• To distinguish benign tumors from malignant
• To tell cancer malignancy of a tumor specimen
• To perform cancer subtyping
More functions are under development
• IHC marker selector (under development)
• Prognosis prediction (under development)
• Companion diagnosis for selected drugs (in plan, collaboration is welcome)
Note: Our markers have been tested on microarrays and magnetic beads with reliable results.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Clinical Validation on OncoTeller
2. Out-licensing or technology transferring of biomarkers for cancer diagnosis



Maywufa Healthcare Group

Maywufa Corporation:
(1) Consumer Products Divison: MaywufaⓇ is the only brand in the industry being awarded as Taiwan’s Top 100 brands. We specialize in haircare and skincare products, with well-established value chain covering R&D, production, branding and marketing.
(2) Pharmaceutical Division: The pharmaceutical division markets new drugs and innovative medical imaging instruments developed by sister companies PhytoHealth Corp. and AmCad BioMed Corp. We also serve as exclusive selling agent for well-known international pharmaceutical companies.

PhytoHealth Corporation:
PhytoHealth is the first new drug development company listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange. The company’s PG2Ⓡ Lyophilized Injection is the first new prescription drug approved by TFDA and currently the only drug approved for treatment of Cancer-Related Fatigue (CRF).
PhytoHealth’s manufacture plant is TFDA approved PIC/S GMP plant. PhyoHealth received the “National Innovation Award” and “Bio Taipei Gold Award”.

AmCad BioMed Corporation:
AmCad is a medical technology company developing a wide range of breakthrough devices. Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and early diagnostic technologies, AmCad has successfully developed a number of first-in-class medical devices with a leading position in the medical imaging industry.
Of the six products in its development pipeline, three have been launched with approvals from the US FDA and CE Mark. The AmCAD-UTⓇ Detection for thyroid cancer has also been approved by the CFDA and launched worldwide including China, Singapore, India, etc.

Broadsound Corporation:
Broadsound Corporation is a medical ultrasound equipment company with specialty in medical ultrasound transducers design and manufacturing. Broadsound’s medical ultrasound transducer is eminent in the industry, which is the only replacement probe certified by US FDA 510(k) and CE 1097. The products have been successfully marketed globally in more than 150 countries. Combining the expertise of AmCad BioMed, we aim to develop AI guided portable ultrasound equipment in the untapped global market.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Medical Device distributor
2. New drug licensing and distributor
3. Ultrasound Imaging AI solution partner

Medical Device Industry Counselling and Promotion Program

Medical Device Industry Counselling and Promotion Program

MedicalTek Co., Ltd.

MonoStereo converts 2D endoscope images into 3D and can adjust parameters for surgeons to perform in the most comfortable state. Research found MonoStereo can save 25% of time in specific procedures.


Seegene product from Korea
Molecular Health GmbH from Germany

MediCloud Biotech

These are the three major platforms of MediCloud Biotech, "e-Care" for physician-patient decision-making facilitation, "e-Pharmacy" for free medicine support service and "e-Loan" for financial support patient with low-interest bank loan.

MediCrowd SmartHealth Co., Ltd

MediCrowd Smart Health Co., Ltd. uses technology such as IoT, big data and AI in health care field, and is committed to transforming people by taking \\\"innovation, altruism, collaboration and sharing\\\" as its core values. The mission of the promotion of self-care management not only helps the medical industry to improve service quality and efficiency, but also helps people to manage their health more easily and independently.
1. The first health check total solution: Personalized Intelligent Health Check Service Procedure Package
(1) During Health check process: Through data calculation, we reduce unnecessary waiting time, increase the efficiency of health check, and guide customer in real time.

(2) Assessment: Using 4 million big data analysis, the customer’s comprehensive health and aging status indicators are converted into easy-to-understand “physiological age” numbers (BioAge).

(3) Intervention: Consumers can use the health promotion APP for self-management.

2. The first health check-up and health promotion portal for Taiwan: www.med-net.com
We provide an efficient and transparent platform for effective interaction between multi-party groups such as health checkup centers and health promotion institutions. We collect many health check-up institutions and package comparisons, extensively, we offer physician consultation services to help people self-management.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Operational cooperation: All health check-up centers are welcome to join on our platform for free.
2. Patent Authorization: Authorized use of patented products including MediCrowd Smart Health Checkup Guide application and Automatic Report System.
3. Partnership cooperation: Related digital industry technology, health promotion, medical care and other related industry chain cooperation.


We are a Japanese manufaturer of optical microscopes ranging from education, laboratory and research level.
We have launched new digital imaging system and new epi-fluorescent microscope equipped with high intensity LED illumination.