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NanJiue Research Institute Co. Ltd.

NJT Strengthening Health Management is the world's first that provides integrated services combining sexuality and health. Through dynamic phallus data, behavioral hormones, exercise&nutrition enhancement techniques, penile decline prediction and male health big data analysis, our original health enhancement Technology allows customers to achieve fully transparent and substantively effective multi-health management. Our services include:

1. Accurate male health examination.
2. Analysis of penile function data.
3. Sexual performance strengthens regulation.
4. Disease-impact data analysis and detection.
5. Professional medical advisory services.
6. Male decline prediction and strengthening regulation.
7. Dynamic regulation of exercise&nutrition.
8. Libido(Sexual desire) cycle regulation.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution agent - male professional health examination. (applicable to health examination center).
2. Recruitment of consultants - medical consultants (applicants, pharmacists, nurses).
3. Collaborative development — integration of data systems with wearable devices (applicable to device developer).

Nanosi Biotechnology co.,ltd

Anti-bacterial Deodorant Spray,Delicate Cloth Wash,Anti-bacteria cleaning wash (for socks),Refreshing SPA Soap,Deep Cleansing
Beauty Soap,Deep Cleansing Shampoo

National Applied Research Laboratories

National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) is a non-profit organization affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Technology. There are 8 national research centers and laboratories under NARLabs. Five centers play an important role in biotech and medical industry chain, including National Laboratory Animal Center, National Center for High-performance Computing, Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute, Taiwan Instrument Research Institute and Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center. The 2019 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO will feature five centers as the main axis, presenting the NARLabs's key position in Taiwan and the international medical industry.

National Applied Research Laboratories National Center for High-Performance Computing

LIONS is the Life science Informatics ON-cloud Services. NCHC combines inter-discipline experts and informatics technicians for building a bioinformatics service platform. It covers large-memory and parallel computing clusters, high-speed parallel file system, and object storage facilities required for large-scale data analysis of the next generation sequencing and protein structure. The platform not only provides data storage and computing resource, but also provides data commons and customized services. Data commons service helps users organize, query and share the data. Secure protection on sensitive medical data is also implemented. Customized services include analysis pipeline design, company-to-NCHC workflow construction and participating analysis for a particular project. We also provide Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) and CLC Genomics Server as services. Through these services, we may connect upstream and downstream users to create an environment for the academic circle and industry of life sciences and personalized medicine.

National Applied Research Laboratories National Laboratory Animal Center

NLAC cardiac catheterization lab equipped state of the art angiography system for coronary angiography, non-invasive cancer therapy, and image-guided surgery. In addition, the lab is supported by NLAC robust animal disease modeling capability and professional veterinary care.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Animal experiment related equipment or product demonstration.
2. Core facilities operating high end equipment aiming to attract more customers and boost service hours.
3. Analytical laboratory of chemical, DNA, protein or metabolome looking to collaborate for services.

National Applied Research Laboratories Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center

1. STB Program: Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program (STB Program) is a multidisciplinary training program executed by NARLabs, a non-profit organization in Taiwan. STB is a unique blend between the innovative Med Tech culture in the Bay Area and eager young scientist from Taiwan. We hope to train the next generation of medical technology innovators and create an innovative Med Tech platform in Taiwan.
2. SPARK Program was launched in accordance with the biotechnology industry development planning. This program aims to provide assistance to those that are in the pharmaceutical industry or the medical device industry with potential products but are lacking in initial commercial planning for entrance into the market. This program includes: translation, medical regulation implementation, intellectual property registry, negotiation, marketing and commercialization planning and training.

National Applied Research Laboratories Taiwan Instrument Research Institute

NARLabs has established the facilities for developing medical devices since 2014. The accelerator also includes an alliance which comprises 30+ members across government, industry, academia, and research institutions. The accelerator is the most comprehensive nationwide inter-departmental support system, offering resources from government, industry, academia, and research institutions.

National Applied Research Laboratories Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute

PaS is a portable battery free sensing system. It can connect to iOS or Android system smartphone and download the App to show the sensing data. The exhibit item includes two kinds of PaS system, first one can sense humidity, ultraviolet index and alcohol concentration, the other one can sense PM2.5 concentration. The smart- phone and some supplies which can help the demonstration will be provided.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. TSRI provides the technology transfer to the industrial company, while the industrial company is responsible for the mass production and selling.
2. Based on the core technology of Internet of Things, TSRI and the industrial company co-develop the new products.

National Cheng Kung University Hospital


National Cheng Kung University Hospital

Smart Medicine in Holistic Health Care