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The anti-bacteria and deodorization ingredient that our company use : NPS&TAg
1.NPS : The use of Nano technology, the NPS will attrack all the germs and bacteria to its surface.
2.TAg : The Tag is used as dispersant, the silver molecule on the TAg can eliminate the germs.
The products below are all invented by the technology of natural silicon:
Deodorant sprays- The natural antibacterial deodorant spray will help keeping you fresh and bacteria free all day long. This spray is non-toxic, non-scented, tasteless and made for sensitive skin. You can spray on your skin and worried free.
Detergence for your intimate clothing- The natural NPS can removed the germs effectively.
Deep Cleansing Shampoo The Natural silicon contains the function of absorbing harmful factors and anti- static property. The deep cleansing formula removes the residue of your hair without stripping moisture, and has no side effects rather it can make your hair stronger and healthier. The beauty of your hair can get enriched and easy to handle after each application.
Deep cleansing beauty soap By SGS natural silicon silver not only deep clean your skin and plus it is also handmade by the traditional method, which needs sixty days to create the soap. The natural glycerin in the soap is produced naturally; it does not contain any harmful chemicals. The deep cleansing beauty soap will not damage the skin and it is safe to use from head to toes. The superior antibacterial function allows your skin surface to form a protective film, so you do not worry about the grow of the bacteria.
Refreshing Spa Soap
The refreshing spa soap contains the natural silicon, the soap is handmade by the traditional method, which needs sixty days to create the soap. The normal skin will accelerate skin metabolism in 15-30 minutes in order to keep your skin soft and supple. The soap will not damage the skin and it is safe to use from head to toes. The superior antibacterial function allows your skin surface to form a protective film, so you do not worry about the grow of the bacteria.
The anti-bacteria detergence for your socks: The NPS technology will kill all the bacteria on your cloth fast and efficiently.
Cooperation projects and needs
Looking for partners to join our team
1. Franchisee – individual who has interest in the field of environmental and how to deodorize and anti-bacteria on human body.
2. Cooperative development- Use the company’s NPS and TAg ingredients to invent more environmental friendly products, in order to protect the environment and a better healthy choice for the consumers.

NanoSigma Biotech Co., Ltd.

Oral Gel、Oral Deodorant Antibacterial Spray、Dental Disclosing
Solution、Sting Free Barrier Film

National Applied Research Laboratories

NARLabs establishes R&D platforms for medical device development. The Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) of NARLabs establishes a one-stop service platform conforming to ISO 13485 standards for medical devices, and provides high-quality R&D service equipment in electronics and optoelectronics technology and biomedical testing.
NARLabs supplies high-quality specific pathogen free (SPF) laboratory animals and customized research one-stop service. The National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC) of NARLabs establishes technological platforms to provide comprehensive tumor test-related resources and services including specialties of oncology, genetic modifications, animal-related experimentation, 3D medical imaging, and veterinary. NLAC also provides diversified tumor transplantation animal models, and anticancer drug efficacy assessments to facilitate drug development.

National Central University

Smart Tag is a flexible sensor using flexible ceramic PCB as substrate. Behind the flexible PCB, Smart tag includes MCU, a special sensor (eg. Temp. sensor, pressure sensor, and so on), a Bluetooth module, and battery. Smart tag can be installed or glued on any kind of surface and then boardcast sensor data to nearby Android device; via the Android device, all the data can be uploaded to cloud server for further query or analyse.

National Cheng Kung University Hospital

1.Precision Medicine

National Chiao Tung University

Many years ago, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) positioned the biotechnology development direction of Boai Campus under the field of BioICT®. Starting from the “Forward-looking Interdisciplinary Biomedical Engineering Building” of Boai Campus, NCTU will transform Boai Campus, which was a major base for electronic development, into a national research center with research and clinical trial capacity, so that it can carry the role of becoming a university development highlight in the new generation. By strengthening its cooperation with domestic medical research institutions and well-known foreign medical research institutions, this place will become a national medical research park featuring biomedical technology and smart medical services.With the distant connection of medical networks and big data, it upholds the goals of comprehensive information digitalization , smart medicine and home medical care to construct smart medicine application venues to promote the technological and applicative development of versatile and customized smart medical services. NCTU expects that with the promotion of “Smart Healthcare Promotion Office”, the R&D progress of smart healthcare will be used to benefit more patients, improve medical efficiency and quality, improve doctor-patient relationships, carry out patient-oriented customized smart medical care, and lead the medical industry of Taiwan to break new grounds.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Infrastructure
2. Medical AI
3. Portable Medical
4. High-Tech Medical

National Chiao Tung University-Institute of Biomedical Engineering

The stroke patients, due to lack of exercise, usually suffer from muscle atrophy or functional deterioration. Therefore the patients need to do long-term rehabilitation therapy activities. The current clinical practice uses static rehabilitation tools such as stacking cones without functional feedback. The physical therapist fills out the the Brunnstrom stage form to evaluate the status of upper limb. This approach has not been effective because patients may feel tired and boring with these tools. According to Brunnstrom stage, the palm grip ability level between three to six, and the arm strength level between four to six can use stacking cones for rehabilitation purposes. The main purpose is to add adjustable height control, and to add fun by operating in a condition similar to whac-a-mole mode. The smart device can send the real-time evaluation results to the Internet cloud, therefore can have both the role of rehabilitation and assessment. Through the cloud computing, we can build a large databases to perform data exploration and analysis for improved rehabilitation programs.

National Chung Hsing University

Development of a Novel Centrifugal Device for Massive Extraction of High-quality Mitochondria

National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology

Digital X-ray CMOS image sensor、Scintillator with FOP etc..

National Defense Medical Center

According to the US military tactical combat injury ambulance guide, and the instructions in the military version of the pre-hospital trauma life rescue surgery, the war damage rescue is divided into three phases: enemy fire operation, tactical field rescue, and tactical evacuation. Among them, in the operation stage under the enemy fire, if the injury can not break away from the battlefield or suppress enemy firepower for a short time, and if the injury may be life-threatening, the victim should first be moved to the back of the cover and rescued by a tourniquet. Based on the needs of battlefield rescue, the Medical Service Medical Center of the National Defense Medical College has developed a new tactical tourniquet patent with six technical advantages: Fine-tunability, One-handed operation, Versatility, Safety, Simple Configuration and Durable. Improve the survival rate of the officers and men of the national army under the enemy's enemy fire, and ensure that the overall strength of the national army is complete.