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Oenix Biomed Co., Ltd.

1. Prevent aging with CT-VR, advocate the importance of health screening and medical technology.
2. Anti-aging with the technology of mitochondrion, reduce the impact of aging.
3. Accompany aging with smart care + smart glasses application to improve long term health management.

Omei Technology

Electronic multiple touch faucet are divided into general household and commercial used. Comparing with Infrared sensor faucet , Touch faucet are not restricted by surroundings or the apperance. It's echo friendly and suitable for people of all ages.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Home used electronic faucet
2. Safety handrail
3. Lady used bidet washer


New Generation : Vascular Screening Device HBP-8000

Orient EuroPharma

All in one Sarcojoint, is a health food for Sarcopenia & all in one formula for muscle, skeleton and joint healthcare. And it's also good for diabete patient.

Orient PHARMA Co., Ltd.

OEP Group owned high-end and advanced equipment to fulfill the requirement to produce capsules, tablets and nano-injections as well as can meet the quantity needs from small batch to commercial production. The multi-year experience team provides a full range of collaborative projects and equips with the exclusive technology platform for jointly developing new drugs.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Out-licensing Product: NDA-Methydur,new combination oral solution for sialorrhea,new medical efficacy tab for tuberculosis,botanical drug for NSCLC
2. Out-licensing Product: ANDA-Pitavastatin tab, Miglitol tab, Carisoprodol tab, Glyburide+Metformin tab, Glyburide, Erdosteine cap, Vancomycin cap..etc.
3. Contract development: formulation/process development and improvement of tab/cap. Contract manufacturing: tab/cap, cytotoxic anticancer injections

Ota Hydrogen Biotech L.t.d

Oxy-Hydrogen for Health & Beauty ® is an innovative high tech product based on Molecular Hydrogen Theory. As the water turns to 27% oxygen and 73% hydrogen mixed gases through electrolysis process, its oxygen supply sufficient volume of oxygen to support normal consumption for human body (there is 21% oxygen in the atmosphere) while its hydrogen provides benefits for healthcare and skincare. It is the most effective method to receive the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen.
You can receive Molecular Hydrogen through HB Machines with natural respiratory and circulatory to reduce the numbers of free radicals and ease the nerve tension to reach the balance of physical and mental health status with the high tech methods.