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OnePower Innovative Phytomedicine Co., Ltd.

1. brand promotion and tasting One Power Active Enzyme
2. introduction of new products
3. introduction of One Power hospital

Orient Pharma Co., Ltd. / OP NanoPharma Co., Ltd.

OEP is an innovative global science based company and is active in health, nutrition, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Founded in 1982, Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd (OEP) was officially listed in the Taipei Exchange in 2003(stock code: 4120). OEP also established subsidiaries: OrientPHARMA (stock code: 4166) in 2008 and OP NanoPharma in 2014, focusing on new drug development and manufacture, to vertically integrate pharmaceutical R&D, clinical development, manufacture and marketing.The key focus will be showing the capability and uniqueness of OP and OP Nano’s core business. OP has two innovative platforms: Multi-Phasic Release Technology(MPRT) and Multi-day Transdermal Drug Delivery(MTDD), which strongly supports the development of 505(b)(2) new drug to increase competency to explore in global market. OP Nano complies with global regulatory and safety standards and cooperates with Nanocarrier (Japan) to produce high potency (cytotoxic) anticancer drug injections by developing Micellar nanoparticle. NPDT, Nano-particle delivery technology is the exclusive technology platform owned by OP Nano, which helps the drug to penetrate through the vascular and straightly take effect on caner tissue to secure the effectiveness and safety of the drug.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution:
(1) NDA:
- Methydur cap: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
- New combination oral solution: sialorrhea in patients with neurological disorders
- New combination oral form: dyslipidemia
- New medical efficacy tab: tuberculosis
- 2ccPA: degenerative osteoarthritis
- 1PL101: ovarian cancer

(2) ANDA:
- Pitavastatin tab: dyslipidemia
- Miglitol tab: type 2 diabetes
- Carisoprodol tab: muscle relaxing
- Glyburide + Metformin tab: type 2 diabetes
- Glyburide: type 2 diabetes
- Erdosteine cap: mucolytic agent
- Vancomycin cap: C.difficile- associated diarrhea, enterocolitis caused by S. aureus
- Metoprolol Succinate ER tab: hypertension

2. Contract development: formulation/process development and improvement of tablets and capsules

3. Contract manufacturing: tablets and capsules, cytotoxic anticancer injections