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"Pinyexing Kang Dun Anti-mite sterilization Medical masks"
The only domestically-sterilized patented mask has been awarded the SNQ National Quality Certification Mark for three consecutive years. The only one-to-one protection is 100%. The only CNS15980 seven tests (only six tests in the industry) Class A protection; the filtration of PM2.5 (particle size 1.6~2.5) salt spray and oil mist particles are 100%. Immediately sterilized 99.99%, after sterilization 20 times, the sterilization efficiency: 99.6% of Staphylococcus aureus, 98.9% of Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Product distributor level regional agent

Piovision International Inc.

Smart Medical Customized Solution-Preoperative 3D Simulation Planning

Through the high-end computer-aided design software CATIA of Dassault system, it assists physicians to use 3D tomographic data to simulate the surgical process and carry out the optimal design planning of cutting angle, size, position, distance and various factors.

Plastics Industry Development Center

In order to assist plastics industry and accelerate the advancement of the plastics technology, Plastics Industry Development Center (PIDC) was established in 1993 and funded by the government and plastics industry.

Since 2000, PIDC has been working in the field of medical devices for many years, playing an important role in the development of polymeric medical devices in Taiwan. To accelerate medical devices innovation, we deliver below services:
◆ Medical device design and development
◆ Patent and industry analysis
◆ Process technology and supply chain integration
◆ Test verification service
◆ Quality system counseling
◆ License application counseling

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Medical Device OEM manufacture
2. Medical grade polymer supplier
3. Production machine supplier


1. Klebsiella pneumoniae serotype K1/K2 rapid testing cassette: published in SCI journals; used by the medical centers; 13th National Innovation Award in Taiwan; TFDA License No.007019.
2. Antibiotic testing and screening system: published in an SCI journal; used by pharmaceutical companies.
3. Diabetes candidate drug: control type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis and body weight at the same time.
4. Natural food: Exquisite Ginger Tea; Natural Capsules.
5. Skin care: Purifying Hydration Mask.

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GALIL PC based controller/ JENA Exposed linear scale\\\\
ELMO Digital Servo/MOONS Stepping metor