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Panasonic Eco Solutions Sales Taiwan Co., Ltd.

若要打造一個長輩覺得舒適且有良好照顧環境的生活空間,應有幾個要件:1. 復能的新觀念;2. 預防介護與自立支援是關鍵;3. 智慧照護科技的應用。樂齡生活,誰說老了就一定殘弱,其實透過適當的生活輔具、智慧科技之應用、合宜的生活環境改造,已部分達到高齡福祉生活的創新與實現,接著再配合政府完善即時的長照體系輔助,即可讓家庭不因疾病、老化而分崩離析,依然完整、留住歡樂、安心終老。


Cooperation projects and needs
1. 投資或品牌合作
2. 連鎖加盟
3. 代理/經銷
4. 醫療合作 - 病患轉介
5. 高齡者照護相關專案計畫合作
6. 復能設備和課程的合作

Panion & BF Biotech Inc.

New Drug, Cosmetheutical, IVD, Disinfection, Precision Medicine

Pemay Biomedical Technology Corp

Tea Mouthwash,With tea mouthwash, it can keep your oral cavity clean soon and effectively, and kill the bacteria in mouth instantly, bringing a refreshing and natural breath.
Aqua Collagen Super Hydro Mask It contains polysaccharides and algae extract that can improve metabolism, moisturizing, softening the skin; furthermore, it can smoothen the fine lines and make your skin firming.

Perfect Defense Technology Co., Ltd.

ilife-PTFE nano-porous membrane for face mask, and waterproof breathable anti-mite protective covering for mattress: Nano-porous structure to ensure high filtration efficiency of particles with great air exchange. Pore size of 70 nanometers to stop virus, bacteria and dust mite from penetration. Exclusive membrane properties further to include filtration of automobile exhaust smoke, 2nd hand cigarette smoke, and oil droplets from fried cooking; 90% membrane porosity to allow moisture vapor to freely pass through; High air permeability for face mask to provide, long term comfort for wearing; Reduction of back discomfort when to lay on our protective covering for mattress.

Perfectdef Defense Technology Co., Ltd.

Nanotechnology PTFE membrane Face Mask

Pharmaessentia Corporation

P1101 (Ropeginterferon alfa 2b)

PI Bioelectronics Co., Ltd.

Top-to-Toe Biosignal Monitor System

PI Bioelectronics developed portable EXG recorder and wireless Smart Insoles which makes gait-analysis not only to be wireless but also to combine portable physiological signal recorder and wireless smart insoles. This combination can synchronously capture gait information and physiological signals of subject who can freely walks and can analyze correlation of these signals and data.

Smart Insoles is inserted with pressure sensors , wireless module and all other electronical elements which make gait-measurement wireless and convenient and can collects gait status, pressure of feet and motion data which could be used on medical analysis, rehabilitation usage, sports injury prevention and analysis of sport performance…and so on.

EXG recorder is a high performance portable physiological signal recorder and it can sample 32 channels of signals which includes EEG, EMG and ECG with 24-bit resolution and 8K sampling-rate.

Pigmodel Animal Technology Co., Ltd.

Pigmodel Animal Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011, functions primarily as the service arm of the Bio-medical research community/industry with responsibilities for veterinary care, animal husbandry, administrative support and animal facility housekeeping/maintenance, and to assist researchers to carry out their animal experiments in accordance with the highest scientific, humane and ethical principles.

PinYeiXing Industrial Co., Ltd

P.Y.X Medical mask

Pioneer Medical Instrument Technology (PMI) Co.,Ltd.

1. Nebu-100s Portable Nebulizer atomizes liquid (normal saline), and sprays it into the user’s airway in order to keep the respiratory tract unobstructed, moisten respiratory tract, and dilute sputum.2. Lemon-200 Digital Otoscope is HD digital otoscope, used to view a patient’s ear canal through the micro-camera in the tip of the device. The portable host with 3” TFT LCD screen can provide camera preview, snapshots, and video recording. All the data in this device can be displayed on a monitor.PMI builds technology and professional capability to delivery medical device service that meets healthcare demands. For our resource & supporting, main of our key partners are the world’s three leading material science and research institutions, for example, PMP (Pioneer Material Precision Tech), as well as many other worlds leading companies in the industry.PMI collaborates closely with hospitals, medical university, and a number of the best medical institutions for clinical examination, also with school of Veterinary Medicine National Taiwan University, Taipei Zoo, Sijhih animal shelter and Animal Hospital to develop veterinary related medical apparatuses, in order to provide our clients with the most advanced, progressive services.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution channel- distributors on Nebu-100s Portable Nebulizer and Lemon-200 HD digital otoscope.2. Cooperative Development- Nasopharyngoscope, Laparoscopy, and endoscope for medical use,