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S. Canaan Mushroom Agaricus blazei murrill is the first(since 2000) and best product of the same category in Taiwan. Developed by oversea Mr. Hu Tsung Hsiung who was president of Brazilian Mushroom Cooperative, the product is made by mushroom of original strain Agaricus blazei murrill, cultivated in place of origin in state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Insisting in non-pesticide cultivation, the product is free of heavy metal and pesticides. Tested and proved by National Taiwan University College of Medicine, the effectiveness result of S. Canaan Mushroom ABM is published by Japanese Cancer Association and International Journal of Experimental and clinical Pathophysiology and Drug Research.


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Sea Mild Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Dr.VK negative ion instant disinfection spray


SEDA Anti-decubitus mattress (Non sterile):
The non-powered and static mattress design could facilitate pressure reduction, ulcer prevention, and sleep quality enhance.

Care Management mattress System:
An innovative care mattress development of combining Anti-decubitus, fall prevention and sleep monitoring.


The MIZU Bleach Concentration Meter is a simple tool for judging the concentration of bleached water after dilution. For the purpose of the hospital cleaned and disinfected, must be effectiveness. It has obtained US patents and meets the European Union's lead-free electronic equipment. It has passed CE and FCC testing and certification.
The recommended content of the "Defense Department of CDC" is 500ppm bleach. The concentration of bleach used in households is generally 5 to 6%, and the spoon used for soup is 5 tablespoons totaling about 80-100cc. Add 10 liters. In tap water (1,250 cc per bottle, 8 bottles equal to 10 liters), stir evenly to get 500 ppm of disinfectant bleach.
"The problem is" if the commercially available bleach is less than 5%, the bleach is less than 500ppm, and the disinfection is invalid. Because the bleach is easily degraded, so the quantitative is not equal to qualitative, this is the epidemic prevention loophole. If bleaching water is to effectively eliminate enterovirus and norovirus, the concentration is the most important after dilution.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Look for worldwide agent


Sense Innovation was founded to provide eye-tracking assistive technology to the severely disabled. Our technology assists them in training their cognitive ability, autonomous communication and professional skills; from Eye Player to enable their control of a PC, to Sense Talk for standardized basic communication, to 1246 for customized knowledge training, to Eye Joy for interactive eye-controlled games. Through our innovative eye-tracking applications and training courses, those in need will gain a new channel of communication and method of learning.


To promote early diagnosis and disease prevention, the Department of Health Management was established in 2004. With collaboration of an outstanding medical team and application of state-of-the-art equipment such 256-slice computerized tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET/CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the Health Management Center offers optimum one-stop, efficient health examination services for the public. The sophisticated high-end medical equipment renders possible the early screening of the top ranked three life-threatening illnesses - cancer, cerebrovascular diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Detailed and comprehensive explanation of the reports by the medical team is provided after the examinations.

ShineIN Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

ShineIN 3D culture plate for enhancement of stem cell/cancer stem cell properties; Stem cell therapy; Fast isolation of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Show Chwan Health Care System

[Smart Hospital × New-Generation Future Operating Room × Medical Industry Accelerator Development Platform]
In AI era, Medical 4.0 is a new word. Taiwan obsesses two excellent fields of medical and ICT industries. SCMH will bring you rich presentations at the Taiwan Healthcare Expo; the theme including: Smart Ward, ExAblate, Medical Accelerator
*Technology aspect: 1. Minimally Invasive Surgery Hospital 2. Smart Ward- MIS Integration Application 3. Dense Community Service, Telemedicine, High altitude medical care, and Photographic Center
*Humanities aspect: innovation care - books lover, deconstructed nursing stations, friendly robot care
*Industry aspect: Cross-border innovation - micro-invasive surgery center (medical education and research and development), incubation center industry platform
*Features: Minimally invasive surgery AR system, 3D minimally invasive surgery, 3D microsurgery
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Medical related product research and development cooperation. Technology licensing. Medical investment cooperation
2. Professional Physician Training, with the largest minimally invasive surgery training center in Asia: IRCAD-Taiwan. Featuring professional courses.
3. Hospital construction planning. Medical system planning. Next-generation integrated surgery smart ward cooperation.