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Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital

1.Development of new military health care hearing protection devices
2.Intelligent intravenous needle judgment system

Taichung Veterans General Hospital


Taichung Veterans General Hospital / The Team of Man-Yun Lai

Sharp instruments such as needles, knives, scissors, nails, and ampoules are widely used in hospitals for medical purposes, while literature and medical studies have regarded Needlestick Injuries (NSIs) one of the main occupational hazards among health care workers. That said, material problems of a glass ampoule itself and force applied by medical staff will also cause injuries when bottles are broken.

Therefore, the medical community provides safety tools for opening ampoules and professional workshops to ensure occupational safety and health for all medical staff. Based on the above reasons, we invented this portable product for its safe, easy-to-use.

By applying polypropylene fiber to the outer plastic with an inner silicone gasket covering the cutting blade, we can help the nursing staff prevent debris and trace metals splashes when opening ampoules in a time-saving manner. Through improving the convenience to open glass ampoules, it effectively protects both patients and staff by reducing occupational injuries and cuts.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Technology Transfer-Looking for 3D printing technology manufacturers
2. Mass production-Looking for domestic and foreign partners
3. Distribution and retail-Find domestic and foreign distribution channels and startups willing to invest

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / The Team of Ming-Feng Wu

A simple wrist guidance system drives that may drive walking for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and is suitable for any space.
Cooperation projects and needs
Patent licensing
2. Technology Transfer

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / The Team of Ming-Feng Wu

Air pollution has been known to cause the inducing of asthma, the exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the occurrence lung cancer, and heart and immune diseases. The pollution sources include particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), formaldehyde, carbon monoxide (CO), etc. People usually think that these harmful substances are emitted from factories or automobile engines, which may lead to close the windows or open the air filter for quarantining the particles. However, due to harmful substances from building materials, furniture solvents, printers, perfumes, cleaning agents, etc. will be released. Therefore, if the windows are closed, there is a risk of causing more damage on the human body.
Accordingly, our team has proposed an automatic air quality tracking system. With the wireless sensing modules and Internet of Things technologies (IoT), the proposed system is able to compare the concentration between sensing nodes to determine whether the pollution source comes indoors or outdoors as well as the assistance of artificial intelligence with deep learning opening or closing the door and window automatically; which can make right decisions on exclusions.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Technology Transfer
2. Patent licensing

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / The Team of Sheng-Chang Wang

Nasotracheal intubation during general anesthesia will induce nasal-ala pressure sores if tube care was inadequate. The pressure sores will result in pain and discomfort, moreover, disputes or legal problems.Pressure ulcers occur due to pressure applied to local soft tissue, shear and friction diminish blood flow, and lead to decreased tissue oxygen. The firm fixation of nasotracheal tube and the weights of connecting tubes will increase excessive tension and angulation of the nasotracheal tube against the nose.Nasal pressure ulcers might be painful and a cosmetic problem for patients. It also increased medical cost and prolonged hospital stays and infection rates. The modified method of nasotracheal tube fixation. The innovation frame used the concepts of Y shape horn as fork. It elevatesnasotracheal tube from nose and moving with patients head’s direction without pull tubing, no matter in supine or upright position, the frame support is strong and prevent pressure on alar skin.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / The Team of Yong-Chuan Chen

Assisting Devices of Developmental Care for Premature Infants

TaiHao Medical Inc.

1. BR-FHUS Smart System – Assist radiologists in scanning process with scanning route map, quality assurance and real-time suspicious lesions alerts, and assist physicians in reporting with suspicious finding list, customized reporting template and electronic diagnostic report.
2. BR-Viewer – Support ABUS images from GE and SIEMENS, and support computer-aided detection.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Hospital partnerships
2. Investors
3. International distributors

Taipei Cancer Center, Taipei Medical University

Artificial Intelligence Medical:
Taipei Cancer Center introduces cancer treatment aid system Watson for Oncology (WFO) as well as the gene therapy aid system Watson for Genomic (WFG) to let the public recognize the clinical application of artificial intelligence system. By entering patient data into the system and comparing with medical literature and expert advice, WFO can therefore assist physicians in finding the most appropriate treatment for their patients. WFG can bring together a large number of tumor genes and build a database that is updated monthly and offer the most complete and up-to-date treatment advice for oncologists.
Compact Proton Therapy Center:
A comparison of the differences in dose distribution between traditional photon therapy and custom proton therapy by simulation of on-site clinical cases is provided. Taipei Cancer Center uses the most advanced radiotherapy equipment available, including the fourth generation of superconducting proton therapy machines with the latest features such as Pencil Beam and Cone Beam CT, in hopes of providing patients with more precise treatment.


1. Swallow Assessment and Training
2. Block Chain Application in Health Care
3. Sugar Control Easily! Digital Healthcare for Diabetes
4. Intellectualized Mental Care 360 Dashboard
5. The Type Nine Smart Constitution Dashboard of the Traditional Chinese Medicine
6. AI Imaging Interpretation of Hepatic Tumor
7. Ovulation Test Smart Management System