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Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital

1. Positioned the rib fracture part through advanced medical equipment is to relieve the patient\\\'s pain quickly, let the patient get out of bed earlier, return to normal life, and then avoid the sequelae of pneumothorax and hemothorax caused by mutual friction of the bones.
2. Integrate call system of the ward into phone, allowing nurses to talk to patients instantly.
3. Improve patient more comfortable by improving the current ice packs and restraints.
4. Remote monitoring temperature and humidity of pharmaceutical refrigerators by using mobile devices.

TaiGen Biotechnology

Taigexyn,non-fluorinated broad-spectrum antibiotic,effective against Gram –positive and Gram-negative bacteria including MRSA, QR-MRSA, VRE. Excellent safety profile compare to other marketed quinolones,less likely to lead to resistance development。 Available in both oral and intravenous formulations for easy transition from hospital to out-patient。
Furaprevir,potent NS3/4A protease inhibitor,anchor in HCV Cocktail Regiment。 Effective against all six genotypes of HCV. Can be used with standard of care (peg-interferon + ribavirin) or other direct acting antivirals (DAAs). The combination of TG-2349 (Furaprevir, NS3/4A protease inhibitor)+HEC DAG-181 (Yimitasvir , NS5A inhibitor) has already completed Phase I in China and initiated Phase II trial in November 2017.

Taipei City Hospital

In order to provide a seamless integrated discharge planning service, Taipei City Hospital has formed a person-centered holistic care service system to take care of patients and their families from hospital to community. Interdisciplinary team and user-friendly information system are both conducted for the plan.
  In addition, to achieve the 5Ws care, Taipei City Hospital respect each patient’s individual needs by providing personalized service, encourage shared decision-making, combining the referral service of long-term care center, home-based medical care, and the NGOs, to prevent the patients, families, and the teams from suffering, as well as make good use of the social resources.

Taipei Medical University & Hospitals

Smart TMU
Taipei Medical University (TMU):Taipei Medical University (TMU) is a collegiate academic institution with an extensive history in Taiwan.
Established in 1960, over the past half-century, TMspoiU was able to grow under challenging circumstances without regular official budget from the government or funding from foundations. It underwent the processes to building the foundation, flourishing, expansion and transformation via innovation. Today, TMU has expanded into a worldclass university with ten colleges, 6,000 students per year, five hospitals (TMU hospital, Wan Fang Medical Center, Shuang Ho Hospital, Taipei Cancer Center, TMU NingBo medical Center), and more than 40,000 alumni around the world, serving the society and humankind and also cultivating the future talents for the nation.These are TMU’s most concrete contributions and also its most important responsibility and mission.

TMU’s vision and goal for future development includes cultivating biomedical talents that are equipped with humanistic empathy, innovative capacity and an international perspective. Also, TMU seeks to link the industry, government and academic to jointly create value and construct a comprehensive medical and nursing service system while crafting a sustainable biomedical platform and ecosystem and becoming a top-tier international university. The vision for managing the university is to develop a unified educational system that encompasses teaching, research, industryacademic and medical care. It also seeks to strengthen the strategic partnership with domestic and international institutions, enhance its translational research and cultivate interdisciplinary leadership talents.

Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH):Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) was founded in 1976, providing patient-centered comprehensive medical services with over 800 beds, 39 specialty/subspecialty medical departments and 2000 medical staffs. TMUH was accredited three times by JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation since 2009, which recognizes the high-quality services and world-class patient care we provide.We aim to become a leading medical center with focuses on Emergency Critical Care Medicine and International Pioneering Medical Services. In 2015, TMUH established Critical Care Medicine Department, providing an interdisciplinary team with excellent care. TMUH has many specialized centers, such as the Reproductive Medicine Center, Weight Management Center, Kidney Center, Bone and Joint Research Center, Minimally Invasive Surgery center and many other diverse, international and pioneering medical services.Our drive for superior quality of care and patient safety has led TMUH to be accredited as an International Safe Hospital by WHO Collaborating Centurion Community Safety Promotion; we are the first hospital to pass the accreditation in the world. TMUH will keep fulfilling our core values of “high medical service quality" and “patient-centered" approach.
Meanwhile, TMUH has also been participating in many international medical aid and community welfare services. TMUH has also been awarded the National Quality Award, ISO9001:2008, National TrainQuali Prize, first place in Top Green Brand-Medical Service, AA1000:2008, GRI G3, and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (2016). Breaking from the stereotypes of a typical hospital, we aim to serve our patients and your family with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

WanFang Hospital owns professional staff and cut-edge equipment/technology, it has received several well-known quality certifications, including Joint Commission International (JCI) successively for 5 times. WFH has 43 medical departments with experts from every medical specialty. Its Tuberculosis Center, Cancer Center, Stroke prevention and treatment Center, Pain Management Center, Burn and Chronic Wound Holistic Care Center, Laser Cosmetic Center, HIPEC(Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy)Center, Lympho-vascular Disease Center (for treatment of lymphedema), and Acute Myocardial Infarction Center.  We recognize promoting and maintaining the health of people as focus value in addition to providing patient-centered, holistic professional service which reaches international standard. “Technology always comes from Human” Wanfang Hospital takes "people" as the starting point and displays a smart ward that helps medical staff to reduce their workload, a Line chat robot that helps patients to collect more information, and a high-tech VR for teaching and helping to comprehend the patient’s status and condition. At the same time, the advanced cancer therapy equipment is also introduced to assist patients in undergoing effective treatment.

As a Medical Center with 1,500 beds and comprehensive clinical services, Taipei Medical University Shuang-Ho Hospital is dedicated to developing medical technology. We have the most innovative equipment, including “ROSA ®  robotic surgical system” for brain and spine surgery and “da Vinci robotic surgical system”for 7-division surgical procedures. We exploit cellular therapy and precision medicine. We devote every effort in the research and development of medical appliances to apply patent and technology transfer. With all the efforts and AI technology, Shuang-Ho Hospital is on the way to build a smart hospital.In this exhibition, we'll present how "Internet of Medical Things" and the "Early Personal Warning System of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" can be integrated. Through wearable devices, respiratory and physiological data will be collected on site, and based on which, personalized respiratory checkup reports will be created automatically and offered to participants. This appliance demonstrates a perfect model of cooperation between artificial intelligence technologies and medical care.

Taipei Cancer Center at Taipei Medical University is Taiwan’s first cancer center providing comprehensive cancer services including cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, long-term follow-up, and consultation.
Our multidisciplinary care team, led by expert cancer physicians includes nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers, psychologists, and other medical professionals, provides personalized care and treatment plans. With the assistance of the ArtificiaI Intelligence systems, Watson for Oncology and Watson for Genomics, the clinicians develop individualized cancer treatments with precision medicine for their patients.
Through the expertise of the internationally recognized Taipei Medical University Translation Research Center, we combine newly developed treatment plans and current therapies to maximize patient outcomes. In addition, the Taipei Cancer Center provides new and effective therapies for difficult-to-treat and late-stage cancer patients.
The Proton Center, to be completed in 2020, will provide fourth generation proton therapy with pencil-beam technology and cone-bean CT navigation. This new radiotherapy technology will greatly enhance the quality of medical care and outcomes for our patients with cancer.

Taipei Neuroscience Institute (TNI) was established in 2017 after the integration of all the departments of neurosurgery, neurology, neuroradiology, rehabilitation and psychiatry of the university’s three affiliated general hospitals in Taipei. We hope that through this integration we can promote our standard of practice in clinical neuroscience, improve our quality of clinical training and education, and enhance our research collaboration between clinicians and basic neuroscientists.

Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging - Brain tumor diagnosis

Taiwan Aulisa Medical Devices Technologies, Inc.

Aulisa Guardian Angel
Medical-Grade Wearable Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System

Aulisa Guardian Angel is a novel medical invention in wearable wireless continuous vital sign monitoring systems. The technologies are protected by more than ten patents in multiple countries. It's 510(K) cleared by the US FDA, and intended to be used in hospitals and homes to improve the healthcare experience and assist caregivers with daily tasks.
The main feature of Aulisa Guardian Angel is that it integrated medical device science and associated ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to form a complete monitoring system. With its built-in integrated system, it can be worn by the patient for continuous monitoring, detecting emergencies and providing real-time information and giving alarm to caregivers through “the cloud” so that it improves continuous monitoring effectively and efficiently, thereby preventing avoidable emergencies in healthcare and allowing for a rapid response. Aulisa Guardian Angel is suitable for adults, pediatrics and infants, especially for disabled elderly or patients with respiratory/ heart/ cardiovascular/chronic diseases.


The digital detector system is based on the combination of traditional Chinese medicine Huangdi Nei Jing and Western bio-electronic measurement methods. It is combined with computer technology to make the combination of Oriental medicine and Western science, and re-exhibits the wisdom of the ancients with a new look. This digital detection system detects the resistance value of each meridian in the human body [12 meridians].
A set of testing equipment for judging whether an abnormality occurs in an organ or a body part corresponding to each meridian.
The use of the device allows the user to understand the current state of health, and the results of the test can be provided to the doctor as an aid to the judgment, which can more accurately diagnose whether there are problems in various parts of the body to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the diagnosis.
A total of two models have been developed: BST747 and BST737 models.

Cooperation projects and needs
We are seeking…
1. Distribution agent and sales target -
Product supporting sales bases, general clinics, large medical institutions, medical school institutions, health villages or Chinese medicine conditioning centers, service dealers.
2. Cooperative research and development -
Chinese medicine practitioners study system courses, big data platform erection, academic institutions to enhance product value..

Taiwan Blood Services Foundation

「Leukocyte-reduced blood products」

Taiwan Blood Servoces Foundation

The blood donation bus stationed to provide blood donation services and propaganda.

Taiwan Bonnie Co., Ltd.

Exclusive distributor of Canada Farabloc full series of drug free pain relief products in Taiwan, including Lower Back Belt, knee Cover, Elbow Guard, Arm Guard, Tendonitis Mitt, Thumb Guard, Eye Cover, Fara-hat, Farablc Boot, Wrist Guard, Fara-vest, Fara-neck Wrap, Farabloc Wrap and Blanket.