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Ucarer Taiwan

Based in Taiwan and launched in 2015, Ucarer developed a mobile app for Android and iOS devices that elderly people can use to book appointments with registered caregivers in their local community. Caregivers who want to offer their services via the platform are interviewed and qualified by Ucarer before their details are added to the portal. When elderly people need help, they or a family member can check the availability of local caregivers and place a booking. Today, Ucarer has 20 employees and two offices—one in Taiwan and the other in Silicon Valley in the United States.




Healthy Food

Unique Biotechnology Co., Ltd

The long-acting antibacterial film of Sir David is made of pure water and gaseous chlorine dioxide and then made by our company's patented technology (R.O.C. Patent No.: I 455869), which uses gaseous chlorine dioxide. The strong oxidizing ability destroys the cell membrane of prokaryotes and causes the metabolic function and protein on the cell membrane to be destroyed, thus losing the activity and causing the death of microorganisms. The product is soluble in water and can be quickly hydrolyzed. It has no secondary pollution to the environment and has the advantages of safety, sterilization, odor removal, long-term efficacy and convenience.