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imedtac Co., Ltd.

Automation: iMRobot
Medication Safety: ADC,medicine identification
falling prevention solution: Smart ToF Sensing Care system,pressure sensing pad series
Paperless: bedside information system,e-documentation system, smart pharmacy


JEN-AI Hospital attaches great importance to the "patient-centered" medical concept. We integrating special medical centers, advanced equipment and professional ,to provided with a quality and friendly medical environment. and Health care.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Medical technology development
2. Development of featured medical centers
3. International patient referral

Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital

The treatment experience of brain AVM by Biplane Hybrid room.

Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital Gangshan Branch

The PhysioFlow® Enduro is a noninvasive hemodynamic evaluation system using analysis of trans-thoracic bioimpedance signals. The system can be used to provide hemodynamic parameters which can evaluate the pilots’ cardiovascular performance, hemodynamic status and function of ventricles either in real time or doing anti-G straining maneuver.

Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital Zuoying Branch

Intelligent nursing station integrate platform

Kaohsiung Medical University affiliated healthcare system

Wow! The stool becomes gold!!
High medical virtual level allows you to experience "Eat feces" can also cure

Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital

Areas of Excellence

MacKay Medical Foundation The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan MacKay Memorial Hospital

1. ER info center
2. Intelligent decision support solution for hemo dialysis: BestShape
3. A real-time digital bedside card of emergency room
4. Medical violence prevention system
5. Real-time suicide detection and prevention system
6. Wireless nurse call button
7. Smart equipment tracking and management system
8. Medical equipment management information system
9. UDI Material Management
10. Real-time OR Monitoring and Management System
11. Patent area

Min-Sheng General Hospital

" Min-Sheng General Hospital currently has 3 locations, Jingguo, Longtan and Dayuan. Founded in 1975, Min-Sheng General Hospital is a local commuity teaching hospital, it is also the first medical institute accredited by Joint Commission International. Min-Sheng has a full subspecialty clinic, at the same time, features Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center, Hemodialysis Center, Cardiovascular Center, Diabetes Center, Minimal Invasive Surgery Center, Labortary, and Health Examination Center.

The laboratory was accredited by medical labotaryaccreditations, ISO9001 and ISO15189, and received recognition from SNQ; it is the first medical institue to receive quailfication for ministry of labor trace element designated item health examination institute. In the past few years, the laboratory has been dedicated to developing new health examination items and services in the industry, which includes trace element examination and clinical application; the development of single nucleotide polymorphism, SNP exmaination, application, and establishing the service model.

Other than having 2 sets of PerkinElmer ICP-MS used for measuring trace element to provide related message on health management, nutrition management, and risk prevention; they even imported bio gene measuring devices, Illumina to provide genetic testing service, and by using the result of SNP to find the key point in DNA, by comparing bioinformation and genetic database, they can achieve the result of disease risk prediction."
Cooperation projects and needs
1. develop featured medical center

2. international patient referral
3. hospital construction planning

Mytrext Health Technologies, Inc.

With talented melt-blown manufacturing technology, Mytrex is capable of producing micron fiber non-woven. Combining with the latest Nano technology and platinum (Pt) particles, we have passed biocompatibility achieving goals of antibacterial, anti-viral, and deodorant functions. The bacteriostatic characteristic of Nano-Platinum technology can be applied to various categories such as medical masks, and HEPA filters to isolate germs and dusts efficiently in the future."