Where are you in telehealth now and a few years later?


Where are you in telehealth now and a few years later
▍The global market size of telehealth indicates an upward trend amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Teladoc, a virtual health services provider with operations in 130+ countries, has received 15,000 requested visits daily since mid-March. On top of that, increasingly the prevalence of chronic diseases, needs for clinical services in remote areas and the use of telecommunication devices are redefining a ‘contactless’ delivery of healthcare.  

▍Ageing populations are to rocket by 2050 when one in six people worldwide will be 65-year-old or over. This suggests that telecare would play its part better than ever, especially in regions having well-built infrastructure yet bearing a medical imbalance.     

▍Telemedicine expects to exceed $175bn in six years now (Global Market Insights), with US, China and India being the superpower in terms of market share. Taiwan, despite being small in acres, has made its mark in the health supply chain and is a quality source to business owners wishing to enter the said markets
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