Covid-19 amplifies the craze for robots, drones and automation


[Covid-19 amplifies the craze for robots, drones and automation] ▍The Covid-19 pandemic has paralysed supply chains and business in all sizes and shapes, demands thus soar for having robots to handle chores and routines that put people at risk of contagious diseases. Robots built for disinfection and for the care of isolated patients are paramount in hospitals facing staff shortage and infection. In laboratories, robotic arms and AI-powered appliances are the helper to CLSs with a huge number of samples to test. In China, drones are used for detergent spray, body temperature check and even surveillance.▍New opportunities for automation explode as many believed social distancing may extend to 2021. In warehouses, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, airports and train stations, schools and offices, work such as hauling products, assembling components, mopping floors, delivering food trays, greeting and navigating customers, can be automated and done by robots- be it in human form or not. ▍Services and industrial robots propel a double digit CAGR 2020-2025 as per the latest forecast by MarketsInsider, with market values expected to top $17bn and $24bn respectively. Asia and Australia have the most potential in automation, not limited to medicine and agriculture. Taiwan-rooted enterprises- MSI Global, New Kinpo Group, Perobot, Solomon Group, the Syscom Group and more, have either benefited from or expanded in manufacturing, engineering and UI development for robotics.▍Taiwan has outperformed in ICT and machinery supplies, yet relies on imports of medical and inspection robotics that present sales and partnership opportunities for manufacturers and AI technology providers. ■
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