Expo Terms and Conditions


Expo Terms & Conditions


Booths & Fees

  1. Exhibitors opted for raw space may hire suppliers of your choice or use the service provider contracted by the Expo for booth construction/design, furniture rental, power supply and other paid-for services.
  2. Standard booth is equipped with electricity 110/500W. Please place orders in advance if you require extra power for LED TV, fridge or any other machinery. Technical construction, internet, furniture and other items not included in a standard booth are chargeable services that must be ordered prior to the Expo.
  3. A $150 fee reduction applies to booths with a pillar within the space. Hospitals and exhibitors with special offers, however, are not appliable.
  4. With prior notification to exhibitors, the Expo organiser reserves the right to adjust booth, pavilion, floor plan and update the Expo terms and conditions.



Exhibitors shall make $500 down payment for each booth or space upon confirmation of participation in the Expo, the remaining amount shall be remitted on or before 30 June, 2021. Please pay through bank transfer and quote your company name and reason for payment on any transfer you make to the Expo’s bank account. Any bank charges incurred at the time of the transfer will be passed on to exhibitors. Down payment is not refundable.

Please email proof of payment to Silvia Fan ([email protected]) to confirm receipt of your payment.


Bank: First Commercial Bank, Hua-Shan Branch

Account Name: Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy

Account number: 12910002256


Bank address: 22, Chang An E. Rd., Sec.1, Chung Shan Dist., Taipei 104, Taiwan



  1. Booths cannot be transferred to anyone who is not a registered exhibitor in any circumstances.
  2. Products, services and/or technologies exhibited at the Expo are required to correspond with exhibition themes set by the Expo organiser. Exhibitors are holding accountable for products/services/technologies displayed at the Expo. Any reproduction or representation of products/services/technologies being registered or IP protected, regardless in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited.
  3. Drugs and medical devices for sale or exhibited at the Expo need to meet TFDA or FDA compliance requirements, gain relevant clearance and/or license. Drugs and medical devices violating local laws, e.g. exaggerating efficacy, are strictly prohibited.
  4. Exhibitors are required to stay legally complaint with local laws including the Medical Care Act, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, the Physicians Act, the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, the Health Food Control Act and the Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act.
  5. The Expo organiser reserves the right to ask exhibitors violating T&C to withdraw from the exhibition as it deems necessary and in such situation no refunds, part of refunds or alternative offers shall be made.



  1. All cancellation must be made to the Expo organiser in writing. Cancellation will not be processed until exhibitors have received a written confirmation from the Expo organiser.
  2. Down payment $500 for each booth/space is not refundable.
  3. The amount excluding the down payment will be refunded for any cancellation made before the date of selecting booth location.
  4. No fees will be refunded for any cancellation made on or after the date of selecting booth location.
  5. No fees will be refunded provided that the Expo cancelled due to force majeure which includes but not limited to earthquake, typhoon, pandemics or any other natural disaster. The Expo organiser, however, would make every effort to reduce or waive the charges without jeopardising financial viability.
  6. The date of selecting booth location shall be announced on the Expo website, and in email notification to exhibitors.