AUO Partners with ADLINK to Introduce All-in-One Medical Panel Computers to NTU Hospital


Source: CTIMES

(Left to right) Chung-Liang Shih, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Welfare; Jim Liu, Chairman/President, ADLINK; Ming-Shiang Wu, Superintendent, National Taiwan University Hospital; Frank Ko, President, AUO; Pan-Chyr Yang, Vice President, IBMI / Photo by ADLINK


Published: Apr 08,2021


HSINCHU, Taiwan – In the post-pandemic era, hospitals and clinics are at the frontline of epidemic prevention and control. AUO and its subsidiary AUO Display Plus have partnered with ADLINK Technology, the global leader in industrial computers, to introduce 20 medical panel computers equipped with AUO Display Plus medical displays to National Taiwan University Hospital.


This gesture is expected to safeguard the health of medical personnel in Taiwan, upgrade the efficiency and accelerate the digital transformation of the medical industry. AUO, along with its group members, aims to offer the most comprehensive transformation support for industries by creating ecosystems that enable collaboration with partners to explore business opportunities across diverse verticals, as well as to provide the best solutions possible.


The cooperation between AUO Display Plus and ADLINK Technology this time incorporates high resolution, anti-glare and touch display technologies into ADLINK Technology’s All-in-One medical panel computers to meet the infection prevention and control needs to address the non-contact trends in the post-pandemic era.


Several All-in-One hygienically-designed medical panel computers have been put into operation in Department of Emergency Medicine of NTU Hospital. The fully sealed housing is easy to clean and effectively reduces potential infection during medical treatment. Computers are also installed in the outpatient clinic for medical personnel and patients. The easy-to-clean and antibacterial touch interface enables easy and safe health education and knowledge transmission.


“AUO is dedicated to the engagement of smart medical applications. With the support of AUO Display Plus, our subsidiary specialized in industrial panels, AUO enthusiastically develops the professional medical display to create user value,” said Frank Ko, AUO’s President and COO.


“It is our pleasure to work with ADLINK Technology to implement a series of All-in-One medical panel computers carrying AUO Display Plus medical displays. In the future, AUO Display Plus will continue to invest in the development of premium display technologies and drive smart medical advancement with partners to provide Taiwan as well as the global market with more high-quality medical solutions.”


With long-term dedicated efforts in the medical display field for years, AUO Display Plus develops a wide range of medical products with professional design to meet the precision medical imaging demands in various hospital applications. The touch displays, designed especially for medical equipment features antibacterial property, can be operated with gloved hands and applied to hospital cart, medical care systems and mobile nursing stations to ensure high mobility and user health.


AUO Display Plus also develops special medical display technologies used in environments where EMI may occur, for example, when using the electrosurgical unit or MRI. AUO Display Plus develops hyper-realistic medical display solutions which can precisely demonstrate high-quality medical images. For surgical applications, AUO Display Plus employs medical-grade mini LED backlight technology with highest zone-count, along with the advanced Deep Red technology for optimized display of red colors, to provide the most realistic colors and details. Improved distinctions between minute differences in human body tissues and the blood help physicians make more accurate judgments.


High-end medical display series featuring high resolution, wide color gamut, anti-glare, wide view and detailed gray-scale displays can meet the need for high-quality image and precise diagnosis in radiology, pathology room, etc. AUO Display Plus also leads the industry to apply A.R.T. (Advanced Reflectionless Technology) to professional medical display panel. With AUO’s proprietary glass surface structure design, the interference of ambient light can be effectively reduced to present a realistic image for physicians. It can even display the slightest lesion accurately to help quick and correct judgments.


Looking to the future, AUO will continue to enhance its display technology with AUO Display Plus and work with cross-disciplinary partners to develop more products and solutions contributing to a more powerful healthcare ecosystem and to seize the crucial opportunities for the advancement of smart medical together.


(Source: CTIMES)


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