Expo Healthcare + In Taiwan Creates An Ecosystem For Digital Transformation In Healthcare



Despite Covid-19, the Expo attracts 800 exhibitors who jointly present a health ecosystem that is successfully built on advanced medicine and digital health technologies

One of the largest trade shows in the APAC region – Healthcare + Expo Taiwan – will be held in Taipei from December 2-5. The expo will showcase Taiwan’s strength in AI, cloud-based applications, flat panel displays, IoT and technologies that make up the metaverse and represent the trend of digital transformation in healthcare, fueled by the global pandemic.

The expo will feature a star lineup of companies including Acer, Asus, AUO, Delta Electronics, Innolux, Quanta and Wistron, who will showcase their technologies and solutions designed for digital transformation in healthcare. Corporations such as 3M, Illumina, Intel, Microsoft, Roche, Siemens / Varian and Supermicro want to promote intensive collaborations at the Expo that have the potential to develop solution-driven services with added value. The long list of exhibitors also includes renowned medical centers and hospitals in Taiwan, many of which have extensive networks in ASEAN countries and represent opportunities for partnership.

To push forward and drive digital transformation in healthcare, the expo has successfully brought together two of Taiwan’s top sectors – medicine and semiconductor – to shape global strategies and partnerships to integrate software and hardware faster, and to create niche products with emerging digital health technologies, in which Taiwan is a leader in developing. Overseas professional associations, including industry associations in the fields of semiconductors, health solutions and advanced medical technology, were invited with real opportunities to network in Taiwanese industrial sectors.

In addition to the physical exhibition, the four-day expo also launched an online networking and matchmaking platform – Healthcare + B2B – on November 1st to connect companies and research institutes in the fields of medicine, life sciences and health technology. Hundreds of B2B opportunities, company profiles and products have been posted since the beginning, and members from 30 industry associations worldwide have participated to date.

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