President Tsai: Accelerate cross-sectoral integration in healthcare and keep expanding Taiwan's advantages in the field


Source (in Chinese): Office of the President, ROC

President Tsai attended the grand opening of the Healthcare+ Expo and gave a speech on 1 December. "Our goal is clear", said the President, "to accelerate cross-sectoral integration in  healthcare and to keep expanding Taiwan's advantagges in the field."

"Our government, industry, and academia will need to work together to help Taiwan's biotechnology industry further improve public welfare, create more business opportunities, and continue to distinguish itself on the international stage." 

She added that "It is my pleasure to attend the opening ceremony of this year's Healthcare+ Expo. I want to first thank IBMI for their hard work in organizing this event, which is now in its sixth year. As we have seen, the expo has expanded considerably since 2017, both in terms of participating firms and its overall scale."

The Expo, according to Tsai, is now an important platform for public-private cooperation, where it showcases the impressive results of Taiwan's cross-disciplinary collaboraitons across healthcare, biotechnology and digital technology. 

And she indicated that the government last year put forward the Taiwan Precision Health Strategy Development Programme to strengthen the biomedical industry's competitive edge. "Under this program, we are cooperating across agencies and sectors to develop personalized precision health services, giving our citizens even more comprehensive preventive care, diagnostics, and treatment, and creating a unique brand for Taiwan in the field of precision health. "

In addition to the government initiatives in Taiwan, external links it has built with foreign stakeholders are also a key, as per the President's speech.

A number of agreements have signed over the past few years, including the one with the US to strengthen science and technology cooperation, and facilitate collanoration in biomedical technology and ICT to promote precision medicine. 

"Taiwan also conducts close exchanges in medicine and public health with our New Southbound Policy partners across the region. Our Ministry of Health and Welfare recently announced that it will loosen regulations to let hospitals in Taiwan more easily establish overseas branches in Southeast Asia, helping further expand Taiwan's regional healthcare presence. "

President Tsai concluded her speech with her gratitude to the Expo organiser and best wishes for the event this year. 

Distinguished guests also participated in the grand opening ceremony included Founder of IBMI Jin-pyng Wang, , IBMI President Chi-huey Wong,  Supervisor Wei-chao Chen, and two vice Presidents, Barry Lam and Pan-chyr Yang; Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Chung-liang Shih, Deputy Minister of the National Science and Technology Council Yi-juang Chern, and Deputy Minister of the Council of Agriculture Jun-gi Chen.


Video credit: Office of the President