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Academia Sinica/ Amptide Technology

Products using anti-microbial peptide technology for human and pet skin care/ r-Phycoerythrin Labeling/ Green Caviar Extract

Academia Sinica/ Chung-Yen Lin Group

We developed the Docker-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) which can be deployed on various cloud services even local machine and NAS with the low cost and less labor-intensive. This work will help research community on supporting interventions, sharing information, re-organizing knowledge, and manifesting actual laboratory works without the limitation of device, time and space. Download URL: https://hub.docker.com/r/lsbnb/eln/.

Acura Nanomedicine Inc.

Anti “Drug Resistant” Cancer Drug: AN-845
Acura Nanomed. has developed successfully an anti-cancer drug: AN-845, which is a combination of two generic drugs. AN-845 has the ability to completely suppress the growth of “drug-resistant pancreatic cancer”, no matter in cell based experiments (in vitro) or in animal tests (in vivo). AN-845 also can strongly inhibit the proliferation of liver cancer (HCC) and brain cancer (GBM) …etc. AN-845 has high safety profile due to the all ingredients have been used in human for decades and already have complete reports of PK/PD/Toxicity data. AN-845 can be developed by following two “fast-track” regulations (505(b)2 & orphan drug) at the same time. By this reason, AN-845 can be developed accelerated and get the first NDA approve (for pancreatic cancer) plus licensing out within 3 years after finish a single phase I/IIA pivotal clinical study.
Modular Design High Efficacy Tumor Targeting Nano-vehicle Platform
Another advanced technology platform of Acura Nanomedicine is “Modular Design High Efficacy Tumor Targeting Nano-vehicle Platform”. The manufacturing process is an extremely fast one-pot synthesis process, Acura Nanomed. can obtain one batch product within 25 minutes with greater than 95% drug encapsulation efficiency and near 100% final yield. The Acura Nanomed.’s nanomedicine will provide extremely high affinity to target cells, for example, 80~100 times delivery efficacy compare to the traditional nanovehicle.

Advanced Biomedical Technology

Our product, MeDFila® has been approved by the FDA. Different composition of specific polymer & polymer/ceramic filaments can use in a wide range of medical needs, including dental fillings, cranial repairs, drug delivery, tissue engineering, and so on. We also collaborate with doctors and find out the best way to link customization service to the hospital. According to medical-grade material, service for medical 3D printing applications, and the image modeling of an implant, we could quickly and accurately provide the medical implant printing service to clients.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. One stop customized medical device platform: regional and global licensing partner
2. Medica Grade 3D Printing Filament (MedFila) and Customized Drug loaded Filament R&D
3. Customized Biodegradable and Non-degradable Implant R&D
Animal Study Planing and Execution for 3D Printing Medical Device

Aesthetic Medical Center, Cheng Hsin General Hospital

The principle of treatment for ptosis is mainly surgical operation. In eyelid ptosis surgery, the treatment of severe blepharoptosis is the most difficult. This operation can be traced back to the frontalis muscle suspension method. But after the operation, there are often problems that the eyes cannot be closed completely, and even the problem of ptosis eyelids cannot be solved.
For the treatment of severe blepharoptosis, how to lift the severely ptosis eyelid to a normal position while avoiding the postoperative lagophthalmos caused by another problem is indeed a difficult challenge. Based on the anatomical structure of the eye, the author used surface electromyography to measure the changes in the muscles around the eye after surgery for normal people and patients with ptosis eyelids. Research on this concept has been published in international journals of electromyography and human kinematics. Based on the foregoing analysis, the author proposes to dissect the levator muscle transconjunctiva incision and move it down to the upper edge of the tarsal plate with the reinforced suspension of the conjoint fascia sheath to the tarsal plate. This surgical method is completely scarless, not only the severe blepharoptosis is corrected, all of the lagophthalmos if happened after operation is completely resolved with one month.


Innovative continuous heart rate/blood pressure detection patch, which is currently the only wireless sensing patch in the world that is able to detect the radial artery pulsation of the wrist. Moreover, it is closely attached to the wrist for a long period of time to obtain high-quality continuous radial artery pulsation signals, and further calculate the accurate continuous physiological information such as heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen. Therefore, no serious motion artifact that cannot be overcome by ordinary smart watches or bracelets which led to obstacles of continuous measurement of physiological information. In addition, advanced AI algorithms will effectively improve the accuracy of heart rate and blood pressure estimation. As a consequence, you can accurately monitor your physical condition no matter you are exercising or sleeping. The early warning system will effectively enhance your personal health.

Asia University

1.Development and Application of the Wireless Power Transfer and TTi (temperature-time indicator) Semiconductor Chip for the Real-Time Food Safety Monitoring
2. Development and application of gene probes, primers, and DNA chips for the probiotic and pathogenic bacteria

Asia University

Development and application of gene probes, primers, and DNA chips for the probiotic and pathogenic bacteria

Asia University

Skin damage can greatly affect people's vital functions. If the skin is slightly damaged, it is usually possible to repair the wound by the body's own production of collagen and fibrin. If the wound area is too large, skin grafting is required. Not only that, but the loss of dermis and flaps and skin damage caused by lesions, cancer, burns, accidents, and the demand for skin substitutes around the world are also increasing. Large areas of skin defects, in addition to the limited skin left by the patient itself, scar contracture after injury is also an important issue. In response to this problem, the team used advanced therapies, active wound dressings: mainly to promote wound healing with biological products or tissue engineering. The new artificial dermis is made of three-dimensional cell blocks combined with three-dimensional collagen substrate, which has the physical properties of natural skin, good biocompatibility, and cell blocks can secrete extracellular matrix and growth factors to provide a growth environment for skin tissue repair and to accelerate the reconstruction of skin tissue. In the development of innovative artificial dermis containing three-dimensional cell blocks, the research team combines the experience of clinicians with the strengths of basic research and expects to be able to actually achieve cross-domain collaboration. In terms of technological innovation, the research team also has the advantages to develops a manufacturing method for the three-dimensional collagen substrate. In addition, a patent has been proposed to efficiently and rapidly expand and prepare three-dimensional cell blocks that can control uniform configurations of uniform size. The research team has created many innovative technologies and achievements in 3D printing medical applications and hopes to accelerate the progress of the overall medical technology. At the same time, it hopes to build a top-level center for 3D printing medical applications in the Asia-Pacific region with Taiwan as the development base. The concept of "health, care, innovation and excellence" will bring Taiwan's medical development technology to the world's leading position.


Broadsims Inc. is a marriage of both “medical” and “electrical” instruments, offering solutions that serve to save labor and time in the medical instrument industry. AVS Automation Verification System
provides the overall solution from R&D via Qualification to Production. It helps our clients doing quickly on engineering test and design rearrangement. The Quality Control team can do quality review quickly under scope of regulation and ensure to be ready to get CFDA/CE/FDA. Many medical instrument companies
have expressed the headaches of developing and producing according to regulations. Broadsims eases that headache. Broadsims AVS can be applied to each stage of a product’s development and manufacturing process: fast design verification when making frequent design corrections, shorten personnel training time during quality management and produce inspection reports, and complying to quality verification.