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D8AI Inc.

D8AI is a start-up that provides custom AI solutions for businesses, including chatbots and AI assistants, and AI-related solutions, such as predictive analytics and smart speakers. These services can be deployed in the cloud or on premises and can be linked to various edge devices.

website: www.d8ai.com

1. Patient Education Bot- this bot can reply patients' questions 24/7 and remotely, saving doctors and nurses time and energy during appointments.
2. Shared Decision-Making Bot- the SDM bot not only educates patients on diseases and treatment, but it also surveys patients to assess their understanding of the treatment.
3. Hospital Appointment Booking Bot- deployed on the phone, this bot checks the availability of doctors and helps patients book or cancel their appointments.
4. AI ICD Code Recommendation System-this AI system can analyze medical records and recommend ICD diagnosis codes for medical professionals, greatly reducing the time it takes to label medical records.

Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.

:dc Microparticle Syopper Mask Washable PM2.5 mask
:dc Smog Stopper - PM2.5 Mask for Window
:dc Dustmite Out- Pillow protector


Considering the rising awareness and requirements on public health , epidemic prevention and food hygiene, Dai Syko company produce a product with powerful sterilization and low stimulating and less corrosive from profession team of U.S.A and Japan in 1998, and this product named Clean Good .
Clean Good is multifunctional antimicrobial to perform distinctive benefits such as to prolong shelf life of vegetable and fruit, water treatment, deodorant, housing cleaning and disinfectant, epidemic prevention etc…,
Why choose Clean Good?
1.Passed 33 rigorous tests, including: toxicity testing in animals, skin
irritation testing, antimicrobial effectiveness testing, lead testing,
arsenic testing, methanol testing, preservatives testing, chemical
residues testing and plasticizers testing.
2. Powerful disinfects and multifunctional usage to prevent all kinds of
food born, air borne and water borne disease, including mold
control , eliminate odor, and repels ants, compliment of daily life to
keep house clean and family healthy.
3.Certified by Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry with
SNQ Symbol of Epidemic Prevention, the antimicrobial formula has
also won the “National Innovation Award” in the food and
biotechnology category.
4.Expertise in food safety for 22 years; strict compliance with GHP
standards. From food hygiene to household disinfection, the Clean
Good products can satisfy all your needs.
5.SGS Antimicrobial Effectiveness>99.9%. including
E. coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Safe and
effective for household cleaning and suitable for all ages.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Collaboration: distributor for drugstore, pharmacy, pet store, long term care center and CVS
2. overseas agent: Southeast Asian Countries , Europe, USA.

Darwin Precisions Corporation

1. Antibacterial board
2. Medical Tablet
3. Ultrasonic screen
4. Electronic paper bed card
5. MRI non-magnetic screen
6. Antibacterial electronic curtain PDLC
7. Glasses-free 3D screen

Dataa Development Co. Ltd.

“DKABio Immunity Index”has been developed to increase self-awareness of epidemic prevention and precautions taking because of the prevalence of Covid-19 in 2020. The index only requires limited amount of variables inputted instead of intrusive approach. DKABio is a smart AI which provides overall health evaluation as well as disease risk predictions. Considering 148 factors, more than 1200 models are included in the integrated analyzing system based on a huge database from 5 million people collected in 20 years. The design is based on the concept that human body is a system. This approach allows DKABio to predict 15 chronic disease risks simultaneously and is not yet being found in any other AI for health-risk assessment.

DAXIN Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Daxin Automatic Toileting Device
1. Fulfills toileting needs.
2. Reduces the burden of cleaning
3. Comfortable, skin-friendly, and prevents side leakages
4. Dignity-preserving
5. Reducing the chances of infection
6. Improved air quality

DAXIN Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Daxin Automatic Toileting Device
1. Fulfills toileting needs.
2. Reduces the burden of cleaning
3. Comfortable, skin-friendly, and prevents side leakages
4. Dignity-preserving
5. Reducing the chances of infection
6. Improved air quality

Delta Electronics, Inc.

• G1: an automated nucleic acid analysis system for infectious disease detection
G1’s capability to perform DNA/RNA analysis is powered by the technique of real-time polymerase chain reaction, or RT-PCR, which is currently regarded as one of the most reliable and precise methods to identify bacteria or virus that cause infectious diseases such as influenza, flu-A/B, or even COVID-19. G1 integrates all of the required steps of RT-PCR (gene extraction, amplification, etc.) into one system. With this integration, operation time is significantly shortened and possible human errors can be greatly controlled. With its compact design for enhanced portability, G1 can be readily deployed in remote/rural areas or clinics/labs with limited spaces. Additionally, G1 is exceptionally easy to use with its user-friendly UI design & step-by-step instructions video on the touchscreen. With only 2 minutes of hands-on time, this sample-to-answer instrument will show diagnosis results within 90 minutes. G1 is your best choice for quick and precise diagnosis tool!

Dentway International Dental Group

Founding the first dental hospital of Taiwan
dental material
digital dental lab

Department of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, National Central University

Intergrated Megneto-Chemical Sensor for On-Site Food Allergen Detection combines technologies such as chemistry, micro-electromechanics, biochemical technology, and nanotechnology. We converted the traditional large detection device (ELISA) into a keychain-size device. This portable detection device also has an IoT function, which can upload data to the cloud for calculation and storage; there are originality and breakthrough in both technology and marketability.