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G&E Herbal Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Hepanamin Capsules 70mg


EasyClean® Disinfectant Solution Generator is the only machine that combines portable, rechargeable, sprayable, non-consumable features into one machine and produces Chlorine disinfectants such as HClO at the same time. ES-250 is also utility patented (No.108206908). ES-250 uses non-diaphragm electrolysis, which generates disinfectant solution contains HClO. ES-250 is especially patented in portable and rechargeable features. The generator has three key components, top part Netherlands Patented Sprayer Flairosol®, middle part transparent solution container 200ml, and bottom part contains electrolysis reactor and battery.
ES-250 demonstrates four sprits of EasyClean®, Deodorization, Disinfection, Safety, and Eco-Friendly. While having same, if not higher level of deodorization/disinfection ability compared with consumable disinfectant solution; ES-250 disinfectant solution generator can reduce consumers spending on disinfectant/deodorization products, also minimized plastic packaging, chemical stabilizer/essence, and many other sources of pollution from bottled cleaning solution sold in markets. EasyClean can truly make disinfectant and deodorization become a safe and no burden work.
Though electrolysis technology has been matured for a long time, disinfectant solution generator in the market could not satisfied consumers, due to downsides such as complex operation, produce quantity doesn't fit consumers' needs, or expensive pricing. Consumers need a disinfectant solution generator doesn't have a complex operation or dilute process, cheap, eco-friendly, and accessible material to truly replaced the convenience of bottled disinfectant solution, and ES-250 is the best solution we provide to consumers all over the world.

Galaxy Software Services Corporation

Vitals ESP|Enterprise Social Platform、Vitals HCA |Hospital Accreditation、Vital|Cloud Services for your Business Success、Vitals HAS|Healthcare Analytics System、iota C.ai|Conversational AI、iota IM


Right Time is a platform that makes you never have to wait in clinics and hospitals. By using Right Time APP or website, you can see the numbers on your smartphone screen, which is synchronized with the LED screen outside the outpatient department in real-time. You can even set pop-up notifications on your phone before your number has shown up, letting you always be RIGHT on time.

Right Time is also a clinic information integration platform. Users can quickly find nearby clinics and their provided services through Right Time, and can instantly find clinic information such as address, telephone, business hours…etc. from the Right Time APP or website, via Right Time, all you need to know is at your fingertips.

7 Main Features for users:
#1. You can check your number anytime, anywhere.
#2.Pop-up notifications/reminders in advance
#3.Searching nearby clinics by distance
#4. Lookup for clinic information, departments, and provided services
#5.Showing up numbers in real-time
#6. Basic information provided (e.g. address, route, telephone…etc.)
#7. Clinic announcement and status displayed instantly

5 Advantages for clinics and hospitals
#1. Reduce the workload of nurses
#2. Avoid infections
#3. Increase visibility
#4. Real-time information updates and exposure
#5. Customer loyalty/stickiness for clinics and hospitals
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Products Advertising - Promote your products on Right Time app or website
2. System Integration - Integrate your medical systems into Right Time, making it easier to use (e.g. Hospital Online Appointments System)

GEcoll Biomedical Co., Ltd

GEcoll Biomedical combines the next-generation genetic engineering technology and synthetic biology platforms to produce humanized medical biomaterials. Two biomaterials, humanized tropoelastin and humanized collagen type I have been produced through the SUspension-cell Protein Expression with Rice (SUPER) platform and CUPER (CUstomized Protein Expression with Rodent) platform, respectively.
GEcoll focuses on medical products for aging population:
(1) Personalized in vitro screening for cancer drug and
(2) Functional tissue repairing and regeneration.
Currently, GEcoll cooperates with research institutes to develop precise humanized cancer-drugs-screening kit for laboratory use. Next, GEcoll will cooperate with strategic partners to develop and sell the high-throughput humanized cancer-drugs-screening platform for CRO and LTD center. GEcoll follows the 3R principles: Revolution, Respect and Responsibility to develop humanized medical biomaterials and medical products to satisfy everyone's desire of a healthy life.


GEMFluidix LLC, founded in 2019, is a US-based startup specializing in digital microfluidics & its applications in biotechnology and electronics industry. We provide engineering service for highly integrated IVD solution.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Engineering design service: enable transition from desk-top platform to POCT IVD assay.
2. Co-develop/joint-venture for next-generation POCT IVD assay.

GeneOne Diagnostic Corporation

COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit、G1 Dengue Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit、Genebuster Extraction Kit、GeneOne Specimen transport system

General Biologicals Corporation

COVID-19 PCR, Rapid Test and Elisa

GeneReach Biotechnology Corporation

GeneReach Biotechnology has been dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective products. As the concept of timely detection, GeneReach developed POCKIT™ Central Nucleic Acid Analyzer based on automatic extraction system and iiPCR technology. Only 85 minutes from sample to answer for up to 8 samples, which is one of the leading systems around the world.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Laboratory developed test establishment
2. Research collaboration
3. Domestic and international medical channel (distributor, dealer)