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Regenerative Medicine
Anti-Aging Medicine
Stem Cell Treatment
Cosmetic Surgery

I CARE Global Health Biotech Limited Company

Platelet-rich Plasma Plus

I-Shou University School of Medicine


ible Technology Inc.

ible Airvida family, since 2016, is famous for its PM2.5, pollen, and allergen removal ability. Refer to the customer reviews in Japan Rakuten (Reference: https://review.rakuten.co.jp/item/1/205798_10064548/1.1/), ible Airvida has 4.37 high point from Japanese end users.

ible Airvida family features with powerful 2 million negative ions/ cm3 generation capacity, 100 times than a natural waterfall produces. Numerous negative ions can efficiently make the airborne particles, including PM2.5 (99.9% removal rate), pollen, allergen, and bacteria, dropped to the ground. This functionality is very beneficial to users which can protect them from breathing too much allergic and harmful substance into their body.

ible Airvida family is certified by professional laboratories, including SGS, Japan Association of Ion Research, and Far Infrared Association (Japan), for its air purifying ability. Moreover, ible Airvida family also complies with CE, EU regulations on ozone and radiation safety.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Looking for worldwide distributor & reseller partners
2. Supplier & Biomedical Testing Technology Development.
3. Big data analysis enterprise cooperation.

IdenPro BV , Flanders/Belgium Pavilion

On Medica 2019 our new development of a truly single-use disposable version of a tourniquet branded as Tourni-S and used for IV-access was launched. We noticed a very big interest in this product and decided to further promote it.
With the outbreak of Covid19, people started worrying about how to prevent cross-infections in general. Using single-use disposable tourniquets instead of reusable ones effectively avoids cross-infections.
Tourni-S is available for distribution in boxes of 50 pcs or 200 pcs in a branded and private label version.
Tourni-S complies with aseptic procedures and cannot be compared to classic disposable tourniquets.
More information: https://www.idenpro.com/tourni-s.html
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Looking for Partners to promote and distribute Tourni-S in local markets.
2. Looking for cooperation with local companies offering blood collection systems.
3. Looking for companies involved in IV-access in general.


Halza's Social-Medical App allows Subscribers to Store, Track, and Share their Medical files. Through Halza's closed social-medical communication channels, users communicate privately with medical professionals, family & select friends. Doctors and Hospital staff manage patient's files. Unique features include Health Reminders, QuickShare, Family Account management. Secure and private, Halza runs on Microsoft Azure & is globally available in 26 language
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Partnership with Hospital & Clinics - Enhance their patient engagement experience through Halza for their patients
2. Partnership for healthcare integration services

IMEC TAIWAN CO. Flanders/Belgium Pavilion

Imec.provides world-leading development services in nano-electronics. Imec leverages its scientific knowledge with the innovative power of its global partnerships. Its top talent is committed to providing the building blocks for a better life in a sustainable society. Imec is headquartered in Leuven (Belgium) and has offices in the Netherlands, US, Taiwan, China, India and Japan.

imedtac co., ltd.

1.Bedside Patient Card:
√ Display key information, optimize communication
√ Integrate with HIS, provide instant information

2.Smart ToF Care System:Through the Smart ToF Care System, you can pay attention to the action and status of the patient at any time, reduce the load on the caregiver and improve the quality of care.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Hospital
2. Care center
3. Distribution channel

Industrial Technology Research Institute

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical treatment widely used in the treatment of Parkinson\'s disease (PD). In view of the effectiveness of DBS surgery depends on the accuracy of the implantation of the stimulus electrode. However, there still have positioning accuracy limitations of the current preoperative stereoscopic image positioning (MRI / CT) and intraoperative microelectrode recordings (MER) due to inevitable brain shift.
Our team focused on developing the solution of intraoperative brain shift based on the optical coherence tomography technique. In terms of hardware, we have created a sub-mm dimension optical probe that is compatible with brain surgical instruments, waterproof, minimally invasive and biocompatible. The probe emits a class 1 safety(according to IEC60825-1) near infrared laser for illuminating the brain tissue and receiving the reflected light signal. Based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) technique, the received signal is decoded and transformed to a tomographic image of the brain tissue. Those images are applied to reconstruct the 3D structure of the subthalamic nucleus (STN). In the achievements of the software, we have developed a special algorithm which can identify brain tissues such as gray matter, white matter, STN, etc. That will assist a neurosurgeon in the selection of better path and location of electrodes. Our solution helps the challenges of the deviation of electrode positioning due to the intraoperative brain shift.

Industrial Technology Research Institute

In accordance with the needs of the severity scales of Taiwan’s Diabetes Shared Care Network
This technology provides a classification model for the five severity scales of diabetic retinopathy (No DR, Mild NPDR, Moderate NPDR, Severe NPDR, PDR), and ensures suitable healthcare for patients with different severity levels. It also produces a binary classification model regarding the decision for referrals to ophthalmologists.

Labeling the lesion locations of Diabetic Retinopathy
This is currently the only AI detection technology in the world that can detect the main four lesions (Microaneurysms, Hemorrhages, Soft Exudates, Hard Exudates), clearly label the corresponding locations, and effectively assist doctors to interpret more effectively in accordance to the severity of condition.