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J Ching health tech Co., Ltd.

Clean Anti-Cross Infection Shield FFU (Space. AIR+)
There are granted to be the most important two media events of taking precaution against communal epidemical disease. One of them is negative pressure separated patient room with bag-in & bag-out filter system. And the other one is “ACiC” (Anti-Cross infection Clinic) with Horizontal Laminar Flow Super Mini Fan Filter Unit. The former one provides the most safety environment for patients to be cured, and the later one preventing doctors from being triggered disease crossly by infectious patients.
Clinics, hospitals, medical centers and even immigration counters can be very safe work places by treating the indoor air with PTFE air purification and sterilization equipments, which are with Horizontal Laminar Flow Super Mini Fan Filter Unit, at filtration efficiency Silica / [email protected],99.99995%.

J-MEX Inc.

KinMAS (Kinetic Measurement and Analysis System), a modularized system that enables Physiotherapist to rapidly develop and deploy services to guide, record, analyze, and feedback home exercise progress to physiotherapists as supplementary evidence to of home exercise to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Physical Therapy practice.

JAG Technology Ltd.

The Smart Quarantine Care Solutions and Smart Nursing Care Platform, designed by JAG Technology based on its years of successful experience in smart hospitals and telemedicine, incorporated with the latest technology of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), are perfect solutions that can respond to epidemic situations. Equipped with the Smart Operating Room Management System, a patented design, they bring the latest, most complete and trustworthy smart medical experience to physicians, nurses and patients, creating a new model of medical care in the smart era.


AI Homecare system

Jhen Pin Global Co.,Ltd.

1.Hydrogen generator
2.Hydrogen water generator
3.Water purification equipment
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Brand owners: need to do OEM or OEM if there is demand for related products
2. Distributors and agents: domestic and foreign distributors and agents who have requirements for hydrogen water and hydrogen related products
3. Chain organic channels: there are physical channels but no water purification and functional water related products


High-sharp detail inspection physical zoom projector/digital archive/book scanning/document filing system
Jingfeng Imaging A1 Intelligent Overall Solution
Jing Feng Book Artifact Digital Collection System
Documents, documents, filing, classification
Text recognition, voice reading, product photography, catalog editing
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Professional\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" lens-8 million pixels, A3 size specifications
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Mid-end type\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" lens-5 million pixels, A4 size specifications
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Entry\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" lens-3 million pixels, A5 size specifications
Reference Book Digital Collection
Ten times faster than traditional scanners
One page per second saves space
Automatically convert PDF/WORD
E-book mobile library
Distortion correction/no disassembly nail
Precious old photos
Yellowing and whitening treatment
Color repair and brightening
Back-righting/anti-glare treatment
OCR text recognition/text editable-Chinese, English, and Japanese languages ​​have high accuracy
Teaching briefing production, easy to carry and remake-organize wh...

Jiouzao Co., Ltd

Magic Angel Nano materials have Microbac anti-virus and FDA certifications. The effect is long-term. It is unique because of functional and safety approve at the same time with international organization. So the new nano materials can anti-virus、bacterial、PM2.5 and so on. When coating on the surface can be a protect film long-term. Make product unique and more valuable.
According to functional、safety and long-term of new nano materials. We will show a serials products like spray bottle、mask、filter and so on in this exhibition. And also show how to spray our materials on public space to decrease infection. Like anti-virus、anti-mold、TVOC in hospital、school、transport and house and so on.
Magic Angel Nano materials focus on unlimited、creative、environmental protection. And contribute to develop nano technology to make safty、clean and health environment.

Joint Commission of Taiwan

Health Smart Taiwan, HST/Total Solutions

JooGood Inc.

Adjustable chest cuirass coupled with negative pressure ventilator for pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with respiratory disease and long-term healthy care

JUN ZHI Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Cancer is a major disease that threatening human life and health. Nowadays, cancer screening-related technologies and services have been available on the market for many years, but their accuracy is the most criticized, and cancer is almost impossible to detect in the early stage. Jun Zhi develops SAA Cancer Detection Services by integrating top research teams such as Academia Sinica, National Tsing Hua University, National Yang-ming University, and Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho memorial Hospital. It only takes three minutes to draw a tube of blood, and through the purification of exclusive nanoparticles, we can target and analyze the trace amount of SAA in the blood. The protein is analyzed by mass spectrometry, and the self-developed AI biological interpretation software is used to analyze whether there is cancer. At current stage, SAA cancer detection can already detect gastric cancer and colorectal cancer. In the actual clinical test of thousands of people, the test for cancer phase I and phase II has a sensitivity of 70%. Compared to traditional screenings that have an overall accuracy rate of less than 40% and are even less detectable in the first and second phases, SAA cancer detection services are a better choice.