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Oikos waterproof protective pad for LTC

Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd.

About OEP Logistics Service:
1. Provide domestic and overseas logistics services, including listed drugs and clinical trial drugs
2. Different temperature layers can meet the delivery needs of different types of products
3. Active and passive refrigerated transportation equipment

Advantages of OEP Logistics Service:
- Fast delivery
- High accuracy
- Comply with global GDP/GMP regulations, full temperature control
- SAP EWM system support
- Customized service

Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1982, Orient EuroPharma (OEP) became officially listed in the Taiwan Exchange in 2003. In the beginning, the Company was a prescription drug distributor, but has now become a full-scale, multinational pharmaceutical company. The core competencies of the Company not only include pharmaceutical innovation, R&D, manufacturing, sales and clinical trials, but has significantly increased the Company's operational efficiency through vertical integration to provide customers with more complete services. In 2019, the Company exceeded 1,000 employees worldwide, of which about 40% are overseas personnel, and the combined turnover exceeded NT$6 billion.

Based on drug research and development, OEP Group is committed to improving people's health and beauty, and helping the elderly enjoy their life with high-quality products.

Oystershell NV, Flanders/Belgium Pavilion

Oystershell specializes in the innovation of consumer healthcare products and especially in over-the-counter products (OTC). Our mission is to bring to the world new health products that combine scientific progress with consumer insights in order to improve people’s lives and health. We believe that true innovation can only be realized with the help and enthusiasm of our consumers, clients, partners and employees. Our team is proud of the product innovations that it has developed so far but, at the same time, we know that our greatest inventions still lie ahead of us.