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National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch

Through this multifunctional dialysis function suit, the self-care ability of the patient\\\'s catheter can be improved, the convenience of the nurse in performing the treatment process, and the function of protecting the privacy of the patient, improving the quality of dialysis life, and thereby reducing the burden of medical resources.

National Yang-Ming University Hospital

1.Since 2018, our hospital contributes to the field of small bowel disease. Now we have capsule endoscopy and enteroscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of small bowel disease.2.Disposable Flexible ureteroscopy are used from diagnostic to a variety of complex minimally invasive therapies without cross infection. Indication includes initial stage Urothelial carcinoma and complex renal stone.3.Low-Energy shockwave can attract and activate stem cells in the body to repair the tissues at the treatment site, it has proven to be effective for erectile dysfunction, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndromes non-invasive treatment. 4.CT reconstruction 3D printed models benefit reduction & fixation surgery for rib fractures.

National Cheng Kung University Hospital

Combat epidemics with science and technology
Precision medicine

National Chiao Tung University

Artificial intelligence, wearable smart medical materials and high-end medical materials technology innovations and breakthroughs, and continue to integrate imaging, physiology, genetics, medical record information and big data to develop precision medicine.

National Taiwan University Hospital-An Intelligent and Integrative Platform for Hematological Examin

Hematological malignancies are highly heterogeneous. A correct diagnosis needs integration of several tools and platforms so that hematologists can select the best strategy for treatment and follow-up. The test system encompasses morphology, flow cytometry, and molecular tests for peripheral blood, bone marrow, and body fluid. These highly complex tests are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and far from standardization. To deal these problems, we will introduce a slide scanning system , an artificial intelligence (AI) system for marrow cell morphology, the eight-color dried antibodies in flow cytometry, and a panel of the next-generation sequencing method.

Four advantages of Integrative Platform for Hematological Examination:
(1)We will introduce a slide scanning system through which the clinicians can immediately access patients' bone marrow morphology at the remote sites.
(2)We also have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system, which can more efficiently and precisely identify the marrow cells and store the image files for training purposes.
(3)We are the first to apply the eight-color dried antibodies in flow cytometry.
(4)We have developed a panel of the next-generation sequencing method to efficiently analyze the mutation status of 30 genes in myeloid malignancies.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Agents/distributors, and healthcare providers are welcome to collaborate.

National Taiwan University Hospital-“Capstone” - The forward-looking Project of the Ministry of Scie

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) is the leading medical center as well as the pioneer hospital with emergency care in Taiwan. The Emergency Department (ED) of NTUH founded in 1972 has accumulated rich experience in emergency medicine.

National Taiwan University (NTU) is regarded as the top university in Taiwan. In 2018, NTU established the “MOST Joint Research Center for AI Technology and all Vista Healthcare (AINTU)”. This year, AINTU is honored to participate in the national project “Capstone”. This project is jointly implemented by the ED of NTUH and AINTU with the goal of relieving the overcrowding problem at ED by AI. At this exhibition, we ardently expect that visitors can take this opportunity to experience the advancement at the ED operation by engaging in role-playing.

National Yang-Ming University

In the present healthcare expo, National Yang-Ming University will focus on the most important core of brain medicine, including sleep medicine, headache, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases and optic neuropathy, combined with the leading brain science research team of National Yang-Ming University and Taipei Veterans General Hospital, as well as Chunghwa Telecom and MuEn Technology. We integrate domestic clinical, engineering, academic research and industry professional elite teams, and focus on the smart healthcare in neuropsychiatric medicine, to creating Taiwan's leading cross-domain platform for smart healthcare in brain medicine. The present exhibition is based on the products of clinical database AI research program sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. Using medical databases from Taipei Veterans General Hospital and National Yang-Ming University, we will present five smart healthcare products, including (1) intelligent sleep medical diagnosis and home management applications, (2) migraine diagnosis, evaluation and prediction, (3) evaluation of neurodegenerative diseases, (4) smart brain EEG assessment platform, and (5) diagnosis and evaluation of retinal and optic neuropathy, and will cooperate with Chunghwa Telecom and other industries with artificial intelligence application capabilities to promote universal health cloud services, achieving the goal of personal precision medicine.


Easy Sanitization after touching elevator buttons,
Finger Sanitizing Pad is the most convenient sanitizer container for personal sanitation in pandemic. Attached to handbag, backpack, hanging around the neck or ID card, protect the wearer from virus or bacteria contamination. The patented silicone cover and sponge can avoid alcohol volatilization and leakage. Gently press the silicone cover, it can wet your finger tip, or squeeze a few drops in your palm and hand rubbing can be done in seconds. It is the best choice for prevention of COVID -19.

Pingtung Christian Hospital

mPHR Life, my health ecosystem
mPHR is a cloud platform, building to share holistic healthcare for medical institutions, communities, and enterprises. The ecosystem includes various solutions to provide rapid healthcare infrastructure establishment and development which includes health IoT solution "Health Kiosk" and "HealthGoBox" that contains several compatible mobile apps and wearable devices. The cloud module can be used to create and operate such as case management, tele-consultation, health education, all kind of measure data management, questionnaire and brings you a variety of unique health care service experiences.

Pregetic Medical Health Co., Ltd.

ShareHope Medicine Inc. which is the first company providing integrated medical logistics services in Taiwan. From the very beginning of preventive medicine, health check-up, disease treatment, long-term care, and community health promotion and other medical related peripheral products, we provide a complete package of services. Pregetic Medical Health Co. Ltd is the subsidiary of ShareHope Medicine Inc. Our purpose is to promote the concept of health risk management and Incorporate genetic testing to assess the risk of disease into the human health, and try hard to popularize genetic testing. We need to enhance the importance of preventive medicine.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. develop featured medical center

2. Health Checkup demanders

3. interested in genetic testing