Exhibitor Apply 2023

Information for exhibitors will be announced on the Expo website. Exhibitors who have pre-registered for 2023 will be notified by emails with further updates.

Required columns--- due to language settings, please copy the English information into columns requiring Chinese (where Chinese information is not appliacble) so that your application can be proceeded.

b. Healthcare+ B2B (year-round online marketplace, click for more info)

Pricing for promotion with Healthcare+ B2B:
Discounted rate $360 per account for exhibitor with physical booth(s)
Discounted rate $180 per account for exhibitor whose booth(s) sitting with the said association

Total fees payable (booth fee plus Healthcare+ B2B service fee)
By clicking on the “Accept” button where you are invited to accept the Expo Terms & Conditions, you agree to these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not click on the “Accept” button and do not apply to participate in the Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan.