《Biospecturm》Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo to provide advanced MedTech solutions and B2B opportunities


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Expo brought together 600 exhibitors from 17 countries, with over 1850 booths illustrating revolutionary approaches and technology


Photo credit : BioSpectrum Bureau

Photo credit : BioSpectrum Bureau


 2019 Healthcare + Expo Taiwan, set to happen between 3rd to 6th Dec in Taipei,  is an exemplar for   global health enterprises to amalgamate with world-class medical professionals, healthcare digital   technology experts, to explore expanding medical market and to find strategic partners to position   self in Asia’s healthcare transformation.


 Taiwan with its pioneering healthcare technology has adopted the IT/ICT industry supply chain and   offers high-quality biopharmaceutical R&D capabilities.


 The expo which is strengthened with 6 global partnership and 60+medical centres and hospitals   exhibitors is presenting  20 joint events organised by 17 medical societies.


 International delegates convened to experience smarter technologies practised at Taiwan's   healthcare industry which is a representation of global healthcare transition seeking new   opportunities and collaborations at Asia’s prospective $2,660bn healthcare market.


 Taiwan HealthCare Expo is addressing major aspects of healthcare needs and providing medical   solutions by strategically connecting biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, precision   medicine, precision machinery, IT, electronics and health management industries together.


 Expo Highlights

  • Advanced medical technologies  Proton Therapy for Cancer treatment, Cellular Therapy,   Complex Cardiovascular Surgery, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Transplantation, Plastic   Surgery, and high-end health check-ups and more


 • Smart and Efficient Healthcare Smart hospitals and digital health leveraging AI, IoT, Sensors,   Cloud Computing and robotics presented by Leading IT, ICT and electronics tech giants and world-   class medical centres


 • New Solutions for Medical specialities the latest diagnostics, medical equipment, product and   services for Medical Genetics and Pathology, Geriatrics, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Dentistry,   Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Sleep Medicine


 • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical High quality and international standard R&D, CDMO and   CMO services and diversified new drug technology platform


 • Precision health Personalized health solutions, genetic testing, health monitoring gadgets, mobile   technologies and health management services


 • Inno Zone 100+ health tech start-ups and physician innovators from around the world showcase   inventions and innovations


 The forum is a befitting platform for B2B partnering with potential clients, locate investment   opportunities, forge lucrative partnership and to broaden professional network through technological   and medical competitiveness.  Taiwan’s advanced healthcare industry with its very own excellent   disease management system is making cross-border medical treatment more accessible and   affordable.


 Biospectrum Asia was is an official media partner for 2019 Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan