iCATCHER 12 automated nucleic acid purification system


Source: CatchGene ( Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.:M733 )

CatchGene has developed an automated nucleic acid purification system–iCATCHER, as well as a variety of circulating cell-free nucleic acid purification kits with high concentration and high yield extracted from liquid biopsy or tissue biopsy samples, which can be applied to various current detection applications. In this way, the bottleneck of molecular diagnosis of cancer can be overcome to achieve the goal of "precision medicine".


1.Large Volume – up to 4ml.

2.Flexible Throughput – 1~12 sample.

3.Ease of Use – Graphic interface & Optimized Program.

4.All in One – Build in Touch Screen Computer.

5.Visible Window – Real Time Display.

6.Streamline Workflow – One Sample in One Line, Cross-Contamination Free.