《BioSpectrum Asia》Healthcare+ Expo 2022 stages digital transformation solutions and expands supply-demand footprint across markets


Source: BioSpectrum Asia

As international travel resumed, the Healthcare+ Expo will again congregate industry associations and professionals from around the world in Taipei, eyeing digital transformation and a technology-centred health ecosystem in response to unprecedented challenges as a result of the global pandemic and supply-chain uncertainties.      

Industry associations from the Asia-Pacific region, Eastern Europe and the Gulf region, will be joining 50 medical devices distributors and 100 hospitals from over 10 countries to explore medical displays, smart hospital solutions, IT systems and telemedicine products through Healthcare+ B2B, a digital platform where it showcases 1,200+ flagship products and generates more than 200 in-person meeting appointments between international buyers and Taiwan-based suppliers. Countries including Czech, Hungary, Poland, and fast-growing economies such as  Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, have shown their interest in developing strategic partnership with the healthcare industry of Taiwan in addition to the aim at broadening a supply-chain network. 

The Healthcare+ Expo in 2022 sets the theme on smart healthcare, precision medicine and health for all, which echoes a bigger picture of digital transformation following the global pandemic and the growing ageing populations. Homegrown brands- Acer, Asus, Advantech, BenQ, Foxconn, Quanta and Wistron, together with multinational companies- Dell, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Oracle, have teamed up with medical institutes in Taiwan for pivoting to problem-based, digitally-enabled solutions that can be commercialised or adopted in real-world setting. Their solutions will demonstrate care models and diagnostic tools using 5G communication technology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and semiconductors, positioning Taiwan  a hotbed for digital transformation across the board.

Being one of the largest trade fairs, the Expo achieved a 15% increase in the number of exhibitors with booths well over 2,000. Two Expo’s iconic events, MEDTEX Summit Asia and Forum for Cancer Treatment and Precision Medicine in APAC, will continue to seek tangible opportunities for collaboration and deepen Taiwan’s relations in ASEAN nations. 

A high turnout of people attending the four-day Healthcare Expo 2022 is expected to exceed 180,000 recorded last year.