《InfoMed》Healthcare+ Expo, Taiwan 2022


Source: InfoMed

Taiwan is at the forefront of innovations and technology in healthcare, held the Healthcare⁺ Expo at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from 1 to 4 December 2022. The Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI) organized the event in Taipei. IBMI is an independent and not-for-profit organization that promotes Taiwan-based healthcare industries.

IBMI works closely with Taiwan’s public and private sectors to promote the nation’s strength in bio and medical technology in healthcare. The Expo brought tech giants from across Taiwan, like Acer, Advantech, Asus, BenQ, Inventec, Quanta, Wistron, and multinational brands- Dell, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle, together to showcase their latest development and applications in healthcare.

These companies were joined by others, including hospitals (over 70 from the APAC region) and start-ups, to exhibit the themes of a smart hospital, medical technology, digital health, and diagnostics.

The Expo integrates the complete healthcare supply chain, one of the few exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region. This year the exhibition themes and products were aligned with the three major sectors, namely Medtech, Biotech, and Health Tech.

The expo had almost 2,000 booths, trade visitors, and professionals from around the globe. This year saw more multinationals participating and establishing partnerships with Taiwan’s technology sector and hospitals. More than 100 hospitals from the Asia Pacific region and almost 50 industry associations from 15 countries joined the event to enable digital transformation and establish their business networking in Taiwan.

The expo was officiated by President Tsai Ing-Wen. Whilst thanking IBMI for their excellence in organizing the event for the sixth year, she acknowledged that the expo had expanded considerably over the years since it started in 2017.

President Tsai believes that the Healthcare⁺ Expo is an important platform for public-private cooperation and is a key venue for showcasing the impressive results of Taiwan’s cross-disciplinary collaboration across healthcare, biotechnology, and digital technology.

In 2021, Taiwan put forward Taiwan Precision Health Strategy Development Program for cooperating across agencies and sectors to develop personalized precision health services, giving citizens more comprehensive preventive care, diagnostics, and treatment healthcare services. Thus, creating a unique brand in the field of precision health for the Taiwanese population.

Taiwan has also signed agreements with the US in science and technology to strengthen collaborations in biomedical technology and integrate information and communication technology to promote precision medicine.

The President of IBMI, Mr. Chi-Huey Wong, thanked the Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan for supporting the Expo and establishing the Expo as an important platform for cross-industry collaborations. The Expo has now become a model for a public-private partnership with the joining of the Minister of Legislative Yuan of Taiwan, followed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the National Science and Technology Council, and the Taipei City Government in the Expo organizing committee.

Mr. Shyi-Kun Yu, the President of the Legislative Yuan Taiwan, believes that the Expo facilitates global partnership building, software-hardware integration, and homegrown digital health products development.

The pandemic disrupted us globally, but it brought Taiwan to the world’s attention with medical technology. Taiwan is building a digital transformation ecosystem that demonstrates Taiwan’s strength in healthcare and technology at large. According to Mr. Yu, more multinational companies are now interested in expanding their footprint in Taiwan. Much like the semiconductor sector, the healthcare industry is expected to be the other pillar of Taiwan’s economy in the foreseeable future.

As part of the Healthcare Expo⁺, Healthcare⁺ B2B, a digital platform connecting medical product buyers and suppliers, is made available for year-long access to support businesses after the Expo period.