REIBI BIO-TECHNOLOGY-Application of Schumann Smart Furniture in Elderly Care Home aesthetics combined with new technologySchumann smart furniture protects the health of the whole family


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REIBI BIO-TECHNOLOGY-Application of Schumann Smart Furniture in Elderly Care
Home aesthetics combined with new technology Schumann smart furniture protects the health of the whole family
In our fast-paced lives and under immense pressure, how can we enhance work and learning efficiency within limited sleep time? Scientific research has found that "power napping" can help improve response time, reduce errors, and even enhance well-being. Based on experiments conducted by NASA on astronauts, an average power nap of 26 minutes can increase cognitive abilities by 34% and improve focus by 54%. Apart from scheduling afternoon power naps to declutter the brain and enhance focus, what other tools can be used for quick energy replenishment?
REIBI Bio-Technology showcases the latest Shuman series of smart furniture, specifically designed for neuro-entrainment. The products include single-person leisure sofas and meditation mats that visually appear identical to ordinary furniture. However, they incorporate a patented brainwave modulation device developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute to generate "Earth's heartbeat" - Shuman resonance. This technology rapidly induces a state of deep relaxation. By using the Shuman series of smart furniture, the process similar to the human biological clock rhythm is activated, allowing users to replenish energy within approximately 40 to 60 minutes.
Using the smart furniture from the Schumann series is very simple and easy to operate, even for elderly individuals who are not familiar with computers. Users can activate the smart furniture by using the trial version of the Schumann control box and relax through the four modes of water, fire, wind, and earth for relaxation and stress reduction. It is recommended that individuals choose the most suitable mode based on their current physical and mental conditions. For example, people with weak qi and blood can use the fire mode to enhance vitality.
In addition, the Schumann wave control box also has the function of environmental detection, displaying the carbon dioxide concentration and environmental humidity in the space. According to data from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, when indoor carbon dioxide concentration reaches 700 ppm, people may feel the air is stale and uncomfortable, and if it exceeds 1000 ppm, people may feel tired. If the control box displays a high concentration of carbon dioxide, it may affect the quality of sleep. In such cases, users need to ensure good air circulation and use the smart furniture from the Schumann series to achieve optimal physical and mental performance.
Whether it's a busy workday or a relaxing holiday spent with family and friends, the Schumann series of smart furniture provides users with a comfortable sitting experience while allowing them to adjust their physical and mental states and replenish energy through the Schumann wave. It serves as a healthy companion for the whole family.
REIBI Bio-Technology adheres to the strictest standards to ensure consumer safety. The brainwave synchronization technology developed by the ITRI team has obtained EU certification and has been patented in Taiwan, China, the United States, and Japan. In the future, REIBI Bio-Technology will continue to conduct clinical research on Schumann waves to further demonstrate their benefits to the human body. This will enable the company to provide safe and healthy medical technology to consumers, especially in response to the increasing aging population and neurodegenerative diseases.
Offline mode provides a simple and user-friendly experience. With just a few button presses, users can select their preferred water, wind, fire, or earth mode to start the experience. The session is concluded with a gentle wake-up music to remind users that the experience has ended.
The Brain-entrainmant type Schumann Wave Series smart furniture allows aging group to adjust their mind and body both day and night, promoting mental vitality.
We currently offer a range of customizable furniture options to meet the diverse needs of aging households and communities.