Healthcare+ Expo 2023 expands 120%, featuring medical AI


19 July, Taipei- Taking place in Taipei from 30 November to 3 December, Healthcare+ Expo expands significantly with the inclusion of the technology sector and advancements in artificial intelligence, resulting in a 120% growth of exhibitors’ presence. According to the organiser, the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine industry (IBMI), seven industry organisations in Southeast Asia have expressed their interest in trade delegations, signalling Taiwan’s healthcare industry's enhanced global competitiveness.

As the largest trade fair in the APAC region, Healthcare+ Expo saw an impressive turnout of 180,000 visitors last year. This year's event is expected to draw even more attention as it showcases the latest advancements in AI, big data, cloud computing, and supercomputer technologies. Leading Taiwanese IT/ICT giants, including Asus, Qisda, Quanta, and Wistron, will be at the forefront, demonstrating AI-in-healthcare solutions during the Expo.

The Expo will prominently feature “medtech”, “biotech” and “healthtech” on its central stage, under each theme it attracts a large number of industry-leading companies. Participation from healthcare providers, IT/ICT and biotechnology sectors have increased by 120% with the installation of 2,500 booths, including 70 medical centres and hospitals from across Taiwan. Together they will present solutions and applications whilst providing trade and partnership opportunities in the healthcare space.

The use of AI now goes to medicine and Taiwan is no stranger to upscaling this disruptive technology. Some corporates having gained a foothold in AI like Acer, Asus, Nvidia, Qisda, Quanta, will display their latest computing platforms and products at the Expo. Multinational brands, including Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia and Oracle, have also expanded their supply-chain network in Taiwan, as they aspire to work on medical innovation with new partners.

On top of trending applications, the Expo will showcase chips designed for medical use, AI-powered diagnostic tools and how ChatGPT can be leveraged to empower healthcare.

Before the kickoff of Healthcare+ Expo, certain hospital operators and medical device distributors in Asia have come to Taiwan to source products and solutions in areas ranging from digital healthcare, hospital IT systems, and diagnosis to cancer treatment.

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