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0857 International Marketing Co., Ltd.

KSHC" Series Products"


Stratasy 3Dprinter

Academia Sinica

1. Taiwan Biobank
2. Program for Translational Innovation of Biopharmaceutical Development??Technology Supporting Platform Axis(TSPA)
3. Department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, Academia Sinica.
4. Innovative Translational Agricultural Research Program
5. National Biotechnology Research Park

Acer Cloud Technology (Taiwan) Incorporated

The Acer aBeing Wellness Smart Healthcare Platform collects physiological readings from remote health care patients via wireless health monitoring equipment. It provides chronic disease patients with health monitoring and remote health care services.

Advantech Intelligent Healthcare

Advantech, a leading innovator of medical computing platform services and solutions, has devoted to intelligent ward’s research and development. Advantech’s Intelligent Ward Solution Ready Platform is specially designed for hospitals to integrate hardware with software and enhances collaboration among patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers, administration, and IT staff.


Reducing 50% unnecessary FNA and 30% excessive surgery and lifetime medication for patients with thyroid nodules

2. AmCAD-US:
World's First Software Device Cleared by FDA to Analyze Tissue Structure by Ultrasound Backscattered Signals

3. AmCAD-UV:
World's First Software Device Cleared by FDA to Analyze Vascular Pulsation by Ultrasound Doppler Signals

4. iSONO:
An Intelligent hand-held Ultrasound Accessory Ergonomically Designed for Handy Echo Scan and Echo-guide Intervention

Apex Health Care Mfg.,Inc

Medical Equipment Manufacturer,Your best OEM,ODM partner.

Asia  Starch Capsules and Materials Supply Co. Ltd.

Introduction of Hydroxypropyl Starch and Capsules

Hydroxypropyl Starch hollow capsules are the most promising substitutes of Gelatin capsule and they have been included in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015 Edition) Due to the complex structure and properties of starch, the research and development of the starch capsule technology is extremely difficult. To solve the problem, our company applies the modification of the starch molecular structure, and successfully solving the challenge of moisture and flexibility factors. As a result the hydroxyproply starch flexibility and water retention ability of the capsules can be improved significantly. For all key indexes such as uniformity, transparency, tightness, friability, disintegration time limit, drying time, our products are better than or at least equal to the relevant Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015 Edition) standard. Also, the breakage rate in pharmaceutical filling test is lower than 0.1%; The hydroxypropyl starch also can use the molding method to produce soft capsules. In summary its quality price ratio is far superior than the current Gelatin capsules and Alginate capsules.

ASUS Life Corporation

OmniHealth, OmniCare

Auspimed Healthy Sleeping Pavilion

1. Auspimed-Health Care Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Mattress
2. Auspimed-Health Care Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Pillow
3. Auspimed-Health Care Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Cushion