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Founded in 1994, Agri-Dragon Biotech has been committed to innovating farming technology and consolidating the industry life-cycle from R&D, production, raw material supply to sales and marketing. Emulating the ecology of tropical rainforests and how the human body functions, the patented AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System breaks the bottlenecks of sub-irrigation, improving soil fertility and health by making good use of sunlight, air, and water and enriching beneficial microbial diversity.

*No chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Overcomes continuous cropping obstacles. Plant diseases and pest infestation are greatly reduced.
*Zero tillage. Contributes to carbon sequestration and mitigates global warming.
*Increases the active ingredients of plants. High quality and high productivity.
*Applicable to most soil condition. Provides a solution to global food shortages.

In 2012, Agri-Dragon Biotech entered “Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP)” to establish a demonstrative farm, growing Chinese and western medicinal herbs and cash crops. Meanwhile, a fermentation factory was established to produce professional fermented drinks. What Agri-Dragon Biotech focuses on is transforming agriculture into a high-value industry and supporting the healthcare industry. Our main products are as follows: Micro Whole Food Nutrition, Herbal Tea series, Brown Rice Drink series, and Brown Rice & Nut Crispy Treats.

Chi Lai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

CONTIN was established to help resolve the founder's long-term scalp issues which could not be accomplished using any product currently on the market.
The crucial element of CONTIN's patented plant extract shampoo is anenzyme extracted from garlic that has been fermented for 120 days.

Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan

To enhance people's physical and mental health, the Council of Agriculture (COA) establish
“Agricultural Healthcare Technology Pavilion," including three themes to highlight current research and development of agri-biotechnology, and to strengthen people's understanding of medical-related agricultural technology.

CPC Corporation, Taiwan

R&D has been the core value for both technological innovation and corporate sustainability in CPC. Three major institutes are responsible for the R&D in respective domains including the Exploration & Development Research Institute (EDRI), the Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute (RMRI) and the Green Technology Research Institute (GTRI).

Exhibition :
1. Biomedical ingredients : N-acetylglucosamine based biomedical products
2. Safe eating utensils : PLA/LH produced by microbe isolated by CPC
3. Cosmetic ingredients and products : new cosmetic raw material-MïBlancSol®
4. Physiological functions and applications of Taiwanese seaweed and its extracts
5. CPC nano silver antibacterial and its application

Dr.Plant Co.,Ltd

Dr.Plant through “precise nutrition control technology” develops functional fruits and vegetables used in chronic disease management or preventive medicine. The low- potassium fruits and vegetables have been successfully cultivated to solve the issues that patients with kidney disease cannot eat high-potassium fruits and vegetables. The low-potassium fruits and vegetables won the 26th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award and the company has received investment from the National Development Fund. In the future, Dr.Plant will continue to develop functional fruits and vegetables, construct a healthy life from the perspective of precise nutrition.

Exland Biotechnology Inc.

plant extraction, healthy food


We have developed an encapsulation platform named RS-BET. It has a broad spectrum of application in the field of oral “drug” delivery system especially for the acid-sensitive drug and the drug is absorbed mainly in colon. Thus, the RS-BET allow for oral delivery of small molecule, peptide, protein and microbiota as well. We focus on RS-BET encapsulated microbiota for adjuvant cancer therapy application. Basically, the building block of RS-BET is resistant starch which was extracted from green banana.

Goldencrops corporation

With abundant nutrition and healthy functions, Adlay, also known as Job’s tears or Coix seed, has been used for centuries in Asia. As modern people pay more attention to eating healthy, the demand for Coix seed has increased significantly. However, thousands of tons of Coix seed imported from abroad every year have undermined the development of Taiwan's agriculture due to lower price and consumers also concerns about the food quality and security for these products. Therefore, to increase the self-sufficiency rate of domestic Coix, reduce dependence on imported products, and increase farmers’ income, Goldencrops Corperation has developed many Coix seed-related dietary supplement, including:
1. Coix seed oil:Moisturize the skin, whiten, anti-oxidant effect.
2. Quick-cooked Coix seed:Solve difficulty cooking problem of Coix seed and can be cooked directly with rice.
3. Coix seed processed products with low starch digestibility:Functional food material that helps delay the increase in blood sugar.
4. High-fiber nutrition bar:The high-fiber cereal nutrition bar is healthy and delicious.
5. Coix seed polysaccharide healthy drinks:The purely natural extracted Coix seed polysaccharide drink is rich in nutrients and can slow down the occurrence of metabolic syndrome.
In short, by virtue of the development of Coix seed related dietary supplement can respond to the problems of abnormal diet, high blood sugar and overnutrition in modern people, and provide consumers with convenient, nutritional and healthy options. From now on, these processing products in rich of nutrition and functional properties from Goldencrops Corperation are of choice to your health in dietary supplementary .

Grand Blossom Grange

*Fools Rush In Where Genius Dare Not Tread*
Grand Blossom Grange plant by vegetative cultivation and share this fecundity land with various biology. We insist on protecting ecology, respect the land and seize the day.
The early morning, the sky is slightly bright, and the rose is slightly in bud. At this moment, pick the rose and it just look like a box; The petal will wrap the rose’s fragrance completely and it let “Rose Box” be full of the rose fragrance.
All products are free of chemical additives and keep the natural ingredients of roses. You can enjoy it without worries. Grand Blossom Grange planted by vegetative cultivation and share this fecundity land with various biology. We insist to protect ecology, respect this land and seize the day.


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