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Academia Sinica

Biotechnology is a knowledge-intensive industry that requires coordination of human resources, technology, domestic and international law, and capital. When these components are effectively managed and integrated, long-term research endeavors may produce products with high economic value. To stimulate and promote valuable and effective biotechnology research, Academia Sinica, in concordance with governmental development policy, has constructed the National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) in Nangang, Taipei; opened in October 2018.

Accubiomed Co., Ltd

Medical device for Molecular diagnostics : a) Fully automated nucleic acid extractor, b) Semi-automated nucleic acid extractor, c) Nucleic acid extraction kits.

ACRO Biomedical Co., Ltd.

ACRO Biomedical is positioned to develop and produce biomaterial medical devices for human tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. ACRO uses its proprietary supercritical CO₂ extraction technology to remove cells, fat, and non-collagenous proteins from animal tissues and organs, while leaving the intact collagen scaffolds as the biomaterial for high-end medical devices in the field of wound care, orthopedics, dentistry, ophthalmology, aesthetic microsurgery, and neural surgery, etc.

Advagene Biopharma Co., Ltd.

Advagene Biopharma Co., Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical company that aims to develop mucosal immunotherapy, committed to providing human beings around the world the biopharmaceutical development for better epidemic prevention and treatment.
Advagene’s core technology: detoxified LT (LTh (αK)) platform, can regulate not only humoral but also mucosal immunity and enhance the production of mucosal immunoglobulin A (IgA), which can fortify the efficacy of vaccines and can change the transmission route; such
development has high medical potential. Advagene has applied this into the development of nasal influenza vaccine (AD07030), respiratory allergy treatment (AD17002-AI), COVID-19 immunotherapy (AD17002-SC), nasal COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines, among which nasal flu vaccine (AD07030) phase II clinical trial has been completed at the end of the first season in 2019. allergy treatment (AD17002-AI) phase I/II clinical trial is completed and administered in 2020, and COVID-19 immunotherapy (AD17002-SC) phase IIa is initiated in 2021.

aetherAI Co., Ltd

aetherAI is Asia's leading medical image AI company. The company is dedicated to providing solutions for digital pathology transformation and AI-powered diagnostic support.

ALPS Biotech CO., LTD.

ALPS Biotech is a new drug research and development company dedicated to the study of natural products founded in 2017. ALPS focuses on the development of biochemical research, new drug and in vitro diagnostic device (IVD) development, and healthy products development, as well as a variety of professional biotechnology service, such as protein separation, purification and identification technology.
So far, ALPS has initiated the long-term project to develop cancer early screening, immunotherapy, and cooperates with natural products research to help cancer patients with early diagnosis, better treatment and good quality of life.

Applied BioCode

BioCode Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel
BioCode Respiratory Pathogen Panel
SARS-Cov-2 Assay
SARS-Cov-2 Assay with pooled samples
Covid Flu Plus 7-in-1 Panel
Fungal ASR
BioCode MDx3000 Automated Molecular Diagnostics System
Barcoded Magnetic Beads Multiplex Detection Technology


ATGENOMIX is a cloud-native BioMed-IT platform company, and provides a secure and enterprise-grade bioinformatics production platform with industry regulatory compliance, GA4GH (Global Alliance for Genomics and Health) open standard technology, and truly scalable workflow computing technology that enable centers for genomic medicine to build, automate, and manage clinical genomics workflows at scale and speed.