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AIFS/Medical Imaging aims to provide the most comprehensive tool-set to perform AI-based Medical Image analysis. Medical practitioners can conduct a medical image project with labeling, AI modeling, data viewing, statistical analysis, and AI-assisted decision-making with AIFS/Medical Imaging to receive ever- faster and ever-easier implantation and realization.

AdvMeds Co. Ltd

AdvMeds’ main product is mPHR Health Station. It’s an All-in-One self-service device, which provides blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen concentration, height and weight management, and other optional healthcare sensors available. Users can use their own IC cards, smart cards, smart phone app, or wearable devices, to immediately link to their personal cloud health data. All the personal analysis results can be shared with their friends and families on FB, twitter, or by SMS message, which becomes a cloud self-healthcare circle. These continuous data can also be seen as an important information for doctors while they are doing medication treatments. Knowing our own health condition at anytime and anywhere is absolutely a smarter way to manage our healthcare and an unstoppable trend in nowadays.
Besides mPHR Health Station, we also have mPHR Surveillance, mPHR Linkbox, mPHR HealthGo Box, and mScheduler.
We established an online cloud to combine 3 sides together, including users, doctors and care givers (long-term care organizations, families, and friends). Through this cloud we can not only reduce the paperwork but also create a more precise and effective workflow for all the participants.


新世代影像檢查與歐美同步 攝護腺腫瘤一次揪出
Axumin PET 奧攝敏正子造影

Chang Gung Medical Foundation

The Chang Gung Medical Foundation was established in 1976 by the founder of the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG).The Foundation has since established seven Chang Gung Memorial Hospitals in Taipei, Linkou, Keelung, Kaohsiung, Chiayi,Taoyuan. and Yunlin. The Foundation has also been entrusted by the government to operate Feng-Shan Hospital and Tucheng Hospital, as well as to assist in the operation of Dali Jen-Ai Hospital in Taichung. With more than 32,800 patients treated daily and 10,000 beds, the hospital's management philosophy is "Benefit mankind withsincerity and diligence.".
Chang Gung Hospital has the ability to care for patients with acute and critical illnesses, and has a long history of quality improvement. As a multiple-time SNQ National Gold Award winner, Chang Gung Hospital is committed to maintaining and promoting the health of patients by continuing to innovate and improve quality to meet international standards.
The exhibition will be presented under the four main axes of "Specialty Medical Treatments, Smart Hospital, InnovativeR&D, and Public Welfare Glory", including cancer diagnosis, precise targeting treatment, quality of care, and the achievements and applications of medical innovation. The exhibition will showcase the soft power of medical care with a variety of themes, and will provide interactive and hands-on experience for the public to learn about the charm of technological treatment.

Chang Gung Medical Foundation's exhibit topics include:
Specialty Medical Treatments
1.Cell therapy: *Autologous dendritic cell therapy for liver cancer * Using stem cells to treat degenerative knee arthritis
2.Cutting-edge- Proton Therapy: Targeting Tumors Like a Deepwater Bomb to Reduce Radiation Side Effects
3.Thyroid Ablation, a multi-treatment modality for thyroid gland
4.Faecal microbiota transplant can help!Bacteria can help!
5.Invisible Chronic Environmental Pollution Killers - Heavy Metals and Environmental Hormones
6.Organ Transplantation: Saving the Liver and Lung,energetic new life.
7.A benchmark for lymphedema diagnosis, treatment, research and education
8.Precision image-guided surgery for trigeminal neuralgia.
9.Flexible Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy
10.ROSA robotic arm: a new tool for contemporary precision surgery
11.Da Vinci Surgical Systems: Transformer that fight all kinds of cancer

Smart Hospital
Smart panel technology application* Telemedicine

Innovative R&D
Selected eight innovative and clinically applicable patent achievements

Public Welfare Glory
Award-winning recognition of comprehensive medical and social care.

Chang Gung Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

CGM U-Dr Telemedicine system、Electronic smart whiteboard

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration

Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration (CAIC) assists Chang Gung Medical Foundation inventors to obtain patents for their technology, to increase the value of their research performance, and by promoting the patents to various industries, thereafter to license such technologies to industry, in order to commercialize products.

Chi Mei Hospital

1.Smart brain oxygenation monitoring headset for estimating cardiovascular disease severity
2.Innovative intelligent communication assistance system for adults with profound hearing impairment
3.AI supports in emergency and critical care-Interactive Clinical AI Dashboard
4.Wireless Flow Trend Monitoring and Warning System
5.Artificial Intelligence Lamps of Fall Prevention
6.Cancer (I). We are Together
7.Agitated patient remote monitoring and warning system
8.3D-print simulator for neurovascular intervention
9.Warm clothing for babies and toddlers
10.Insulation and decompression infant air cushion nest
11.surgical gauze multi-function (counting, weighing) automatic counting barrels
12.smart chess board
13.Wireless Oral-Feeding Monitoring System for Preterm Infants
14.A smart monitoring and evaluation system for postoperative recovery of bowel function
15.COVID-19 maps
16.Left ventricular photography

China Medical University & Healthcare System

China Medical University Hospital works in close collaboration with the world’s top universities, medical centers, and research institutes. The remarkable accomplishments of China Medical University have been well recognized by the world: ranks 60th in Asia University Rankings 2019, the first among private universities in Taiwan.
CMU Healthcare System strives for excellence in healthcare. We invest our efforts in developing top-notch medical technologies, such as stem cell therapy, gene therapy, and AI Hospital. Meanwhile, our projects on “Hsinchu International Health Science Park” and the “Shuinan International Health Science Campus” together create an environment for developing cutting edge biomedical research, industry-academia collaboration platforms and startups.
As frontline in central Taiwan, CMUH continues to build on a strong basis for acute and critical disease healthcare. The faculty are committed to permanent objectives of instruction, research, and medical services. Above all, we also put great emphasis on social responsibility. Moreover, we envision to be an “excellent world-class medical center with the best integration of western and Chinese medical” and “world-renowned high-tech biomedical park.”

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital

The affiliated hospital of Chung Shan Medical University Hospital has implemented paperless medical information for more than 10 years. It has established a big data in the cloud in Chung Shan Medical University, and is now launching data mining analysis and applications. Therefore, at this medical technology exhibition, the hospital has drawn up the following results to demonstrate the hospital's outstanding characteristics in medical information:
1. Establishing a big data that records the AI electronic medical records - the EMR Search system.
2. Automatic coding of medical big data ICD-10, and optimization effect of derivative DRG declaration and CMI value.
3. AI medical research big data analysis results.
4. Smart nursing care and pharmacy.
5. Intelligently Occupational Rehabilitation.
6. Robotic Assistive Therapy.
7. Testing for New Psychoactive Substances, Classic Drugs and Related Metabolites in Urine and Hair.
8. Cell Therapy.