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Powerful and easy to use.
VisLab is a set of AI image recognition software that can be easily used without any background. It contains complete labeling, training and verification tools. Users can train high recognition ability AI models with the fastest and most intuitive operation.

1. Three main functions: classification, object detection and segmentation
In VisLab, users can use three functions of classification, detection and segmentation. Also, it provides dozens of models to choose. Users can choose the most suitable detection mode and model according to the needs of the industry.

2. Data augmentation and fast labeling:
According to the three different requirements of classification, detection and segmentation, VisLab has corresponding data augmentation methods and fast labeling tools.

3. CUDA acceleration:
VisLab supports NVIDIA CUDA device acceleration for rapid AI training and verification.

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Medical equipment supply


Forzen product

ACRO Biomedical Co., Ltd.

ACRO Biomedical is positioned to develop and produce biomaterial medical devices for human tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. ACRO uses its proprietary supercritical CO₂ extraction technology to remove cells, fat, and non-collagenous proteins from animal tissues and organs, while leaving the intact collagen scaffolds as the biomaterial for high-end medical devices in the field of wound care, orthopedics, dentistry, ophthalmology, aesthetic microsurgery, and neural surgery, etc.


ACTife HI-TECH has metal vacuum sputtering technology, which can evenly distribute nano-gold on the surface of the substrate. The combination of this high-safety process technology and PITDC's R&D technology is expected to develop innovative patch products that promote healing.

Acuchecks Technology Co., Ltd.

Novel and rapid detection tool – Electrochemical immune detection set for SARS-CoV-2
There are two major techniques for in vitro diagnostic, rapid test and nucleic acid amplification. Acuchecks Technology products take the advantage of electrochemistry, have the sensitivity close to nucleic acid amplification, at the same time, lower the cost like rapid test techniques. The electrochemical immune detection system provided by Acuchecks will be the third major IVD technique soon.
The electrochemistry techniques had been used to develop medical devices for decades, such as the blood glucose tests. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), one of electrochemistry techniques, is used to detect the slight changes when anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody on the electrode were conjugated with its corresponding antigen. EIS technique detects specimen without extraction and reverse transcription like PCR, the risk of losing targets is minimal.
Acuchecks Technology Co., Ltd. smart borrowing the electrode supplied from matured blood glucose industry, to cost down and accelerate product development. With Central Taiwan industrial-academic-medical innovative join project, we will level up and open new avenue for traditional precision industry toward medical devices.
POCgeni SARS-CoV-2 S1 Antigen Detection Set is an IVD device, it needs approval before sales. The niche markets of this point-of-care product will be those cost sensitive regions, like Southeast Asia and Central or South America.
The EIS system can detect other targets as well, just replace the antibody on the electrode. For example, with antibody against African swine fever virus (ASFV), this system can be easily adapted to control the pandemic ASFV. And with fewer regulations, this type of products can reach market promptly.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Domestic and international medical co-operation, join production development, venture capital investment, sales, agents, distributors

AcuSense BioMedical Technology Corp.

About AcuSense: AcuSense is committed to providing a safer medical environment for patients and healthcare professionals in the world. Our product combines a wearable medical device, multi-bed IoT monitor system, and A.I.-based algorithms to effectively improve medical safety and quality of care. Our product can be used in home dialysis, acute and critical IV-line safety, chemotherapy injection, and ICU safety. In the future, we plan to deploy smart AIoMT solutions into the global catheter safety market. The company was founded in 2017 and has operations in Tainan Science Park in Taiwan.

Adronic Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd.

At present, the medical community generally detects the cancer cells that are small and flat. By using the traditional conventional light source, the color of the cancer cells will almost be identical to the normal cells that leads to the extreme difficulty to identify whether the cells needs to be remove. Due to the density of the neovascular cancer molecules are higher than the normal tissues, so by using the tradition endoscopy the doctor will only be able to see out-look of the cancer molecules. Adronic creates an Optical Multispectral Endoscope Camera Video System by using high-end Optical Glass Multicomponent Technology with a independent individual wavelength to inspect tumor. For example, when the 5-ALA contrast medium inject the veins, it can absorb the blue wave, that then causes the tumor show in red from the monitor display. Furthermore, the ICG contrast medium uses infrared wave (IR) that can therefore causes the tumor cells to fluoresce.

Alger Technology Co.,Ltd.

Qiao-Xin Patch (Nasogastric Tube Holder)