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A Good Intention AI Co., Ltd.

We aim to solve the three major pain points of the current dental technicians and dental office setting process, including time-consuming, low precision and limited professionalism. The disadvantage of the current dental placement software on the market is that it takes several hours for a dental technician to complete a pair of teeth; the accuracy is low, and the current dental placement software is difficult to accurately predict the occlusion action, which will affect the accuracy of the dental technician’s process; and the quality of the treatment course, depends on the personal proficiency of dentists, and cannot be popularized. Consumers can only find good dental services based on user recommendations or word of mouth. AGAI replaces the current tooth arrangement method with AI artificial intelligence. Our technical advantages lie in high precision, customized tooth arrangement and optimization of 90% tooth arrangement speed performance. High precision, so that the movement difference of the tooth die can be reduced to 0.2mm, and the rotation degree is within 1 degree. Customized tooth arrangement, you can choose the tooth arrangement module according to the patient's needs to achieve medical goals and protect patient privacy. The tooth arrangement module can be deployed in edge Using artificial intelligence and big data to provide doctors with a strategy and auxiliary treatment analysis system, it is a reference tool for doctors to develop collaborative design and medical risk assessment and treatment strategies. Using advanced cloud technology for dental arrangement strategy, treatment and risk analysis and evaluation, the accurate physiological information is connected to the medical big data platform to assist dentists in the evaluation of treatment strategies and the research and analysis of treatment paths. It can automatically simulate and design "the braces to move the front of the lower jaw accurately", and supplemented by a variety of treatments to increase airway ventilation. Through this platform, a simulated risk assessment method can be provided to assist doctors in the treatment of sleep apnea (OSA) with tooth arrangement strategy.

Ace Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

The Celnostics® platform provides clinical researchers with multi-Omics integrated analysis solutions, which can effectively capture target cells in complex liquid samples. Through these high-dimensional samples, clinical researchers could analyze complete information about cell characteristics, proteins, genes, nucleic acids, etc., and could accurately describe a medical atlas, providing the most comprehensive foundations for decision making.

AM100 Plus blood glucose meter, by using the environmental friendly and dry vacuum sputtering technology, these high-precision gold electrode blood glucose test strips would be undoubtedly the best product to replace the current screen-printed silver/carbon electrode bare chips in the market. The hematocrit correction and bluetooth data transmission function is suitable for patients with diabetes, anemia and polycythemia.

Goldmie Blood Glucose Meter for Pets as the world's first blood glucose meter for pets to use gold electrode test strip, is specifically designed for dogs and cats which prevents pets from getting diabetes. When abnormal blood glucose level is found, a timely medical treatment can restore health according to the blood glucose record. Pet's preventive medical care has become a trend. An accurate measurement could provide a better care to our pets, widely used in every family as Companionship, lifetime commitment!

Acura Tech Limited Taiwan Branch

Custom Interconnection Solutions
* Electrosurgical Cables, Medical device, Medical Accessories/ RFA, Catheter, Wires.
* Patient Monitoring / SPO2 Probe/ Electrophysiology.
* Diagnostic Medical endoscope Camera Assembly and working channels.
* PEEK, Silicon ,PEBAX ,TPU ,PVC Tube Extrusion, single -lumen, Co-Extruding ,Multi-Lumen, Coiled-tubing, Metal Reinforced Tubing.
* ISO 13485, FDA, Clean Room Manufacturing.


With the increased complexity of surgical procedures, several factors including the use of diverse image sources, lack of surgical techniques storage systems, and external communication difficulties are reducing the efficiency of operating room workflows. Advantech’s AVAS solutions support real-time image and video streaming, centralized control, remote teaching and consultation, and cloud-based management in order to streamline operating room workflows and improve overall efficiency.

aHOP Co. Ltd.

aHOP CO., LTD helped lots of Taiwanese hospitals successfully adopting UDI system for enhancing medical device management. We offer completed UDI adopting program, professional consultant and series of training for medical staffs and medical device suppliers.
aHOP collaboration is established based on the concept of single platform and sharing economy. Through the system architecture of “passive cloud solution”, it develops data establishment on the webpage at the supplier side and transmits it to all of the cooperating hospitals for necessary use.
aHOP provides its professionalism in automatic identification(barcode) and acts as the bridge between hospitals and suppliers. It coordinates the collaboration and cooperation between hospitals and suppliers and establishes item UDI code for medical device and hospital application mode. aHOP collaboration platform promotes the correctness and availability of information related to UDI and the hospitals and suppliers are data builders as well as the beneficiary when using the data.

Alliance of Biomedical Implant

Alliance of Biomedical Implant(ABI)working hard to Provide new technology of manufacturing applied to the production of implants , Integrating the equipment and technology of Formosa university to become a trial production field for implants, Matching school students and companies to conduct professional training for implants industry. ABI continues to import technologies and resources from the manufacturing industries of medical devices, metals, hard and brittle materials: (1) Assisting the development of key technology and manufacturing process of biomedical implant and difficult-to-cut materials, (2) Promoting the trial production, design and analysis, software training courses and regulatory consultation of medical assistive devices, (3)Counseling the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, establishing the SOP process for manufacturers’ digital manufacturing transformation, and providing consultation, diagnosis, and development of the one-stop service from initial consultation to an equipment upgrade plan, (4) Talents cultivation of medical equipment, medical device trial production and improvement and research. It guides metal processing related manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, medical assistive device manufacturers and institutions to make good usage of various processing methods and technologies to develop more competitive products and more effective treatments.

Alpha Intelligence Manifolds, Inc.

AI Manifolds aims to democratize healthcare by developing AI based Computer Assisted Diagnosis system to provide rapid accurte, consistent analysis to empower doctors. Our team consists of experts from health care, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and virtual reality. Our product portfolio includes (1) PACS (2) AI-based Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CADx). (3) HIS Hospital Information System

Amesdata Biotech Co.,Ltd

Established in 2000, Amesdata Biotech is committed to providing medical facilities with innovative diagnostic products and advanced solutions to improve work efficiency and laboratory diagnosis accuracy. At 2022 Taiwan healthcare EXPO with TUNA, We bring Welch Allyn® frontline care diagnostic portfolio such as medical thermometers and vital signs monitors. And with Welch Allyn® Connex® System can help to improve nurses routine vital signs measurement workflow, from paper work to real-time、 secure automatic vitals sent to your electronic medical records directly from the bedside. Helps Clinician to reduce errors, and boost staff efficiency.

Ann Tong Ind. Co., Ltd.

Microneedle, PDMS Cold Runner System, Peek & PLA Medical plastic parts manufacturing foundry


GlucoSure POC Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System provides an easy and precise way to measure blood glucose and blood ketone levels. GlucoSure POC Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System is a portable whole blood system and is intended for use by healthcare professional in laboratories such as physician office laboratories, clinics, and hospitals.