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We provide high-quality nutraceuticals for elderly with various healthy functions, including joint health, bone health, muscle health, cognitive function and eye health etc.


Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corp. mainly offers sustainable, eco-friendly, and functional textile yarns. Our Acenature dept. develops and markets all kinds of functional textile products and expects to reach market needs and provide excellent products worldwide for a better living experience. Thus, we develop innovative technical functional products for body and health care. (1) AceVitality health care series: Far-infrared and thermal features can protect the elderly group. (Clothes, Knee Brace, wrist bands, socks.) (2) AceHygeia Textile series: Bacteriostatic and odor-resistant features. (3) Ready-meal food series, made with real ingredients and authentic flavors. No burden on the body.

Acer Medical Inc.

VeriSee DR is an AI-assisted diagnostic software for diabetic retinopathy (DR) that identifies high-risk DR patients. Its core AI model has been trained from images labeled by retina specialists, and the software has been validated in a pivotal clinical trial against rigorous clinical reference standards. It leverages AI deep learning techniques to produce diagnosis results similar to that of professional ophthalmologists. Besides, it can be run on a device without a network connection.
VeriSee DR is an effective solution that can shorten the screening process, increase the volume of screenings, improve the accuracy and consistency of the results, and improve patient outcomes.

ASUS Cloud Corporation

With the focus on health big data and AI, ​ASUS Life helps hospital to develop the smart application for precision medicine.

Bonus Winner Online Entertainment Co.Ltd,.

Bonus Winner Online Entertainment Co. Ltd. has jointed a three years research with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University on study of “Anti-aging physical and mental health benefits for senior citizens playing Mahjong games”. Under the leadership of Dr. Liang-Kung Chen, Director of Taipei City Guandu Hospital, and Dr. Heng-Hsin Tung, department head of Nursing, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, the team recruited community seniors above age of 55 and using Mahjong as an intervention measure. In the study, they were able to see the physical and mental health influence of online Mahjong games on older seniors. Assessments of brain MRI were carried out in the research. The study found, throughout the research, that seniors who played Mahjong were more positive physically and mentally health wise compared to seniors who did not play Mahjong. The details of the research will be demonstrated in this exhibition.




Electric massage mattress, home furniture related

Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Center for Healthy Longevity and Aging Sciences, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

International Games System CO., LTD.
Bonus Winner Online Entertainment CO., LTD.