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Chang Ching Pao Biotechnology Co.,Ltd


Ace Pinnacle Co., Ltd.

We were specialized in the production of silicone breast form and Mastectomy bra for more than 20 years. Well experienced and professional R&D team to produce postoperative products that suit the needs of consumers.

Our products are:
Post-operative silicone breast form (top grade double layer film back nanoparticle lightweight breast form / lightweight breast implants lighter 1/3 / silicone breast form)
Wireless Mastectomy bra with pocket, in wider shoulder straps and high side design
Initial post-operative cotton underwear / initial post-operative compression underwear, pressure sleeves / Chemo Turbans

By listening to the voices and feedback of consumers, and then developing and producing products that are truly suitable for consumers, to help women regain their self-confidence and beauty after surgery, this is the mission and core value of our brand, caring for more female patients and understanding their demand, to continue the warm things.
Welcome to our website at : www.hersoft.tw to learn more.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

ASUS VivoWatch 5 AERO, ASUS VivoWatch health tracker series, ASUS Portable Ultrasound solution, MH3281A Clinical Monitor, EndoAim AI Endoscopy System, Medical Record by Voice Recognition, Telehealth-care solution

B.Green Technology Co.,Ltd

Whole Body Vertical Harmonic Vibration


Beldora moisturizing cream make me glow HD Smart Light Foundation Cream Let you sleep for 30 more minutes ˙Moisturizing ˙Primer ˙Perfect Nude Makeup Look


All Bestchance products are made of natural and green silicone. No plasticizers or hazardous substance added, the softness is the superiority. The silicone is non-toxic, odorless, and non-allergic.

One-stop clean room production with quality conformance to medical standards. ISO13485/GMP1575, and FDA certified. Patented in Taiwan, Germany, Japan, and USA. Outstanding quality and sophisticated requirements make products safer for consumers.

No woman should tolerate the humid, stuffy, uncomfortable, and inconvenient feelings during menstruation. Exclusively patented, "Bestchance Menstrual Cups" are practical and affordable products popular in U.S. and Europe. Revolutionary experience of nonexistence. You will not feel the product inside and will forget about the old experience. Enjoy the truly free daily life from now on.

You always have to worry about leakage with traditional sanitary pads. Heavy periods are particularly annoying. Just change your habit and you will get rid of the awkwardness of leakage. "Bestchance Menstrual Cups" are customized for women with patented inward folding. Non-leaking technology prevents leakage day or night, heavy or light, at work, sports, leisure and sleep. Being an elegant and confident woman can be this easy.

CareMore International Inc.


Decentralized Biotechnology Intelligence Co., Ltd.

A heart sound sensing device that is easy to combine with wearable products. The product is extremely thin and has no foreign body sensation. It emphasizes the advantages of high accuracy, simple and convenient use, low power consumption, and can obtain real-time sensing information. It can be worn for a long time to record and store heart sound data. The acquired sensing data is then calculated and analyzed by AI to provide real-time alerts and emergency help functions such as abnormal heart rhythm and cardiac arrest, and can also be used as a reference for daily personal health management.


Massager, wrist ball, compression socks, fanless filter