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Accuratus Int'l Health Company

KFORCE is a tool for assessing, monitoring and training balance, strength and joint movement, all equipment is equipped with a high precision measurement system, and KINVENT's excellent performance in interface development, mechanics and electronics for muscle strength, balance And the assessment of joint range of motion, through the test to obtain real-time evaluation results, the purpose is to make an objective evaluation after multiple tests, and to customize the training prescription according to the ability of each subject. The KFORCE APP helps us obtain quantitative measurement results, which provide a strong basis for subsequent customized personalized training programs.

all the way through international co.ltd

meridian massage sofa Roller machine with hot compress Knock massage stick

CARE PLUS Dr.advice

This is to certify that Build a smart management platform-which use of mobile health APP in Pharmacies and EC Website to make a great Customer experience of CARE PLUS Dr. Advice.

Chain Yarn Co., Ltd.

Chain Yarn Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988. We have accumulated technical experiences for more than three decades, and we make every attempt to enhance our business core competence, and we provide a one-stop process from design, development, spinning to post-processing, in other words, we provide more complete service and total solution to our customer.

Our main products include 4 series, SUP-LITE® super light yarn, DURA-FILA® high tenacity yarn, Fun-Max® functional yarn, GREENLON® Eco-friendly yarn. We focus on innovative and professional value-added product. We hope to associate with professional fabric maker and brands around the world to become their strategic partner.

According to our expertise in spinning and texturing, we are going to spread out our superiority to expand the circular knitting fabrics as well as tricot fabrics and dyeing technology now. We provide a comprehensive range of quality products including single jersey, double interlock, and jacquard etc.

Chain Yarn has been devoting itself to be attentive to the disadvantaged, donating Ph.D. Fellowship, environmental cleaning, and to civil diplomacy. We think that what is taken from the society is used in the interests of the society.


本產品是由整復師自行發明設計的特殊整復專用椅,頸椎至腰椎整個脊柱的痠痛問題,它都能輕鬆幫您調理。體積小功能大,可機動性移動,隨時隨地都可以使用它,它是緩解痠痛的利器,也兼具紓壓、幫助睡眠與保健功能。 ️公司放一台,工作壓力大覺得累了就躺一下,伸展運動一下腰背,讓經絡通暢,整天神清氣爽,用來午休小睡可輕鬆入睡又舒適。 ️家裡放一台全家人都可以使用,想到了就去躺一下拉拉脖子拉拉背、腰,即可維護全家人肩、頸、腰、背的健康。

e-life International Co., Ltd.

e-life is dedicated to restoring mobility and improving the quality of life for people around the world. Through our commitment to quality, innovation and product safety we deliver life enhancing product solutions that have a positive impact on a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions.

As one of the world's leading providers of orthopedic supports, e-life has built its reputation on innovative product solutions that are founded on a total commitment to quality and safety. We control every stage of the manufacturing process and apply the same exacting standards, from the sourcing of raw materials to research and development, manufacture and testing. Our commitment to quality and safety is paramount and we exceed all international quality and safety standards, including CE and FDA.

we are accredited with ISO 13485. Our in-depth medical knowledge combined with our advanced product design expertise enables us to deliver functional products for optimal patient care, helping solve mobility problems and deliver a better quality of life.

Orthopedics Supportive and flexible to optimize movement and comfort. We are committed to restoring mobility and improving the quality of life for patients, with a range of braces and supports that have been developed to enhance mobility across all areas of the human body. As a world leader in medicinal orthopedics, we have the expertise and technical knowledge that ensures our products deliver maximum functionality and comfort


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Active Series- Master Total Body Trainer Pro works with upper body ergometer and recumbent bike and is equipped with a wide range of people. Exercising range from adults, elderly people, disabled to physiotherapy, efficient exercising is achieved thanks to total body ergometer. This innovative design and advancing technology “Brain Game” console system is increasing coordination for far away dementia. Body Charger Total Body Trainer is a versatile investment accommodating a wide range of users, exercise goal, and workout types making it perfect for almost any purpose.