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Chi Lai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

The scalp skin shampoo recommended Taiwan patented invention CONTIN enzyme planted shampoo, can effectively improve the scalp oil, scalp itching and other issues, wash the scalp relaxed, hair fluffy, hair naturally abundance! The biggest difference between CONTIN enzyme plant extract shampoo and other shampoo products is that we add 50% garlic enzyme plant extract into our products. Our extract has been approved by SGS and certifying authority that antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus aureus and Propionibacterium acnes was 99.9%; the antimicrobial effect of Bacillus sp. 98.36%.

Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan

To enhance people's physical and mental health, the Council of Agriculture (COA) establish "Agricultural Healthcare Technology Pavilion," including four themes to highlight current research and development of agri-biotechnology, and to strengthen people's understanding of medical-related agricultural technology.


Noni fruit tea, from Kaohsiung farm, is self-produced and sold. It has been inspected by the Central Animal Husbandry Association to be free from pesticides and heavy metal pollution. The process is sun-dried, dried, baked to remove odor, and made into tea bags. The aroma and glycol effect are widely suitable for all ages. There are three ways of eating: hot brewing, cold brewing and stewing. Today's mainstream in the world health care market Exclusive bake-dry technology removes odors. "Noni Fruit Tea - A New Concept of Health and Wellness" Won the 110th Taiwan Top 100 Souvenir Award Passed HACCP international standard food safety management system certification Won the Consumer Gold Award and the National Excellent Product Gold Award And insured Hetai product insurance for 20,000,000 yuan. "Daying gives you - the purest good taste of true nature!"

Dr.Plant Co.,Ltd

Dr.Plant through “precise nutrition control technology” develops functional fruits and vegetables used in chronic disease management or preventive medicine. The low- potassium fruits and vegetables have been successfully cultivated to solve the issues that patients with kidney disease cannot eat high-potassium fruits and vegetables. The product, Chromium-rich vegetables and fruits, which is rich in natural chromium and nutrients. Chromium is one of the glucose tolerance factors(GTF). It maintains the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in human. It can help diabetic patients and weight control groups to get beneficial nutrients in their diet control.
In the future, Dr.Plant will continue to develop functional fruits and vegetables, construct a healthy life from the perspective of precise nutrition.

Exland Biotechnology Inc.

Exland Biotechnology Inc. from Taiwan is the manufacturer, suppliers, and exporter of functional plant extracts. Our R&D department is staffed with the professional and experienced experts in plants and traditional herbs. We are committed to produce plant extracts and traditional herbs extracts in more than 10 years.

With patented Super Dash® high efficiency extraction technologies Exland Biotechnology Inc. is able to purify active ingredients in a short period of time. By utilizing pure water extraction, our products have ZERO organic solvent residues. It’s better and healthier for the body.

We cooperate with the leading food companies worldwide, manufactured more than 100 high quality plant extracts and serve as a professional OEM/ODM extraction company in Taiwan.

Fecula Biotech Co., Ltd.

Fecula Biotech Co., Ltd. is a microbiome research company located in southern Taiwan. Our missions include (1) to develop novel microbiome-based therapeutics aimed at the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers. The development of our screening platforms helps to identify key gut microbiota and identify its metabolites to further match each treatment scheme for chemotherapy or immunotherapy. Our work on microbiota-related adjuvant/neo-adjuvant therapy is still in its preclinical phase; (2) to implement an evidence-based approach in our development of microbiome-based dietary supplements. The function of these supplements varies from improving glucose metabolism, which increases day-to-day energy, to boosting calcium that strengthens bones. Fecula Biotech uses Taiwan domestic agricultural and fishery by-products in an attempt to apply pioneering research that transfers agricultural recycling into biological nutritional benefits. The microbiota-related (probiotic) dietary supplements were launched earlier this year and market products all over the world. Creative innovation has allowed the company to grow our influence within the biotechnology industry alongside the increased global attention paid to the health implications of the gut microbiome.

Good Point food co,Ltd

Good Point food

Grand Blossom Grange

*Fools Rush In Where Genius Dare Not Tread*
Grand Blossom Grange plant by vegetative cultivation and share this fecundity land with various biology. We insist on protecting ecology, respect the land and seize the day.
The early morning, the sky is slightly bright, and the rose is slightly in bud. At this moment, pick the rose and it just look like a box; The petal will wrap the rose’s fragrance completely and it let “Rose Box” be full of the rose fragrance.
All products are free of chemical additives and keep the natural ingredients of roses. You can enjoy it without worries. Grand Blossom Grange planted by vegetative cultivation and share this fecundity land with various biology. We insist to protect ecology, respect this land and seize the day.


The company was founded in 102 years of the Republic of China and is located in Puzi City, Chiayi County. The vertical integration of production and sales, the one-stop business model from the production end to the consumption end of raw and cooked food specialty stores, creates a new model of the industrial value chain, and is the first in the industry. In order to establish our own beef cattle population, we further transferred the \"Taiwan Yellow Cattle Breeding and Feeding Management Technology\" with the Livestock Experimental Institute of the Agriculture Committee of the Executive Yuan, and launched the \"Taiwan Yellow Beef\" local cattle characteristic brand, which is not only the only breed-based brand in China The local brand beef with quality as its connotation and production and sales experience is also the first domestic commercialization of endangered and preserved livestock precedents. At present, in addition to the Hengchun Branch of the Livestock Experimental Institute of the Breeding Center, the Yellow Cattle Conservation Farm has bred more than 160 purebred Taiwanese yellow cattle. It is the largest off-site breeding farm for Taiwanese yellow cattle in the private sector. It also fulfills a corporate social responsibility for the preservation and biodiversity of Taiwan\'s livestock stock.


Cooked Rice/Instant Rice