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AcuSolutions Inc

AcuOnPath is a powerful device that rapidly delivers the histology image for surgical margin or cancer biopsy examination. FF-OCT with AcuSolutions’ unique and patented techniques, AcuOnPath can provide a high resolution pseudo H&E image at cell nucleus level in few minutes. In cancer treatment and diagnosis, AcuOnPath can help clinicians and pathologists to visualize the excision margins and cancer tissue.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Request for clinical trial opportunities and academic research cooperation.
2. Seeking business collaboration and investors.

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc.

1. FDA Device Master File (MAF) registered medical grade biodegradable 3D printing materials. 2. Medical implant manufacturing service: One-stop-shop tailor-made product design service.

aetherAl CO., LTD.

aetherAI is Asia's leading medical image AI company. Dedicated to bringing benefits of digital workflow to pathologists, we provide enterprise system for adoption of digital pathology and AI-powered medical imaging solutions.

Collaborating with medical centers in US and Taiwan, aetherAI is aiming to improve productivity, quality and consistency of pathology diagnostic process.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Digital Pathology System
2. Medical Image AI Development
3. Medical Image AI Applications

Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, Academia Sinica

This innovative works indicate that phytocompound DET and its novel analog DETD-35 are novel and promising for further development into a therapeutic or adjuvant agent to combat metastatic or drug-resistant breast cancer and melanoma.


aHOP CO., LTD helped lots of Taiwanese hospitals successfully adopting UDI system for enhancing medical device management.

We offer completed UDI adopting program, professional consultant and series of training for medical staffs and medical device suppliers.
Within four-day exhibition, you can see the completed UDI system, especially UDI smart set, which got the reward held by Joint Commission of Taiwan. Welcome to visit us!

Airllo Technology Co., Ltd.

Airllo ePTFE 3D Mask -30pcs/box
Airllo ePTFE 3D Mask -supplement- 20pcs/box

AllBio Life, Inc

FloraUP® is AllBio enteric microflora analysis technology, and it combined with laboratory next-generation sequencing analysis. Patented technology accurately analyzes microbial variation areas V3 and V4. Can distinguish more flora than the market competitors.


Alps Biotech is a new drug research and development company dedicated to the study of natural products since 1999. Alps Biotech focuses on the development of biochemical research, new drug development, and healthy product development, as well as a variety of professional biotechnology services, such as protein separation, purification and identification technology.

ALTC Air Long-Term Care Platform

"ALTC is an acronym for ""Air Long Term Care"", it is the largest long-term care institutions search platform in the nation. The concept of ALTC is the sharing economy in the Internet, with the same working model as Airbnb but in the long-term care field.
ALTC establishes an ""Smart Search Platform"". It is contained all LTC institutions introductions and availability with very simple usage. Every requester only needs to check ""desired area”, “age of occupancy”, “medical needs”, “care needs"", then ALTC will right away filter out the most suitable institutions for you. Furthermore, ALTC also provides nurse consulting services for every requester. Let searching a long-term care institution is just as easy as searching a hotel!
Through ALTC, it will not only give an accurate institutions recommendation for those families, but also help those LTC institutions to shorten the idle time of their long-term care beds effectively."
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Invite long-term care institutions to Join ALTC.
2. The food and meals-on-wheels for elderly

3. Products and services for elderly and disabled

An Fam Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Opentrons OT-2 Liquid Handling platform, Thermocycler Module, Magnetic Module
MEGAROBO T4 4-axis robot arm