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Far East Bio-Tec. Co., Ltd

Far East Bio-Tec. Co., Ltd. (FEBICO) is a professional biotechnology company with decades of professional experiences in microalgae development.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

Precision Medicine, 5G Telemedicine、 IoT Smart Ward

Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd.



We have developed an encapsulation platform named RS-BET. It has a broad spectrum of application in the field of oral “drug” delivery system especially for the acid-sensitive drug and the drug is absorbed mainly in colon. Thus, the RS-BET allow for oral delivery of small molecule, peptide, protein and microbiota as well. We focus on RS-BET encapsulated microbiota for adjuvant cancer therapy application. Basically, the building block of RS-BET is resistant starch which was extracted from green banana.

Feng Chi Biotech corp.

accurate medication with diagnosis

1. Biomarker diagnosis of cancer and target therapy
 Lung cancer EGFR mutation detection (tissue, liquid biopsy)
 Colorectal cancer All RAS mutation detection (tissue)
 Breast cancer PIK3CA mutation detection (tissue)
 Comprehensive detection of gene fusion target drug group (organization)
 Comprehensive detection of blood cancer gene fusion and mutation
 Sarcoma genome testing
 Highly sensitive detection of minimal residual disease in tumor liquid biopsy

2. Antibiotic resistance diagnosis
 NG-Test MCR-1: NG-Test MCR-1 is a qualitative rapid immunoassay for the detection of the MCR-1 enzyme in a bacterial colony obtained from culture.
 NG-Test CARBA 5: an in vitro rapid and visual multiplex immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection and differentiation of five common carbapenemases (KPC, OXA-48-like, VIM, IMP and NDM) from carbapenem non-susceptible pure bacterial colonies.
 NG-Test CTX-M MULTI: NG-Test CTX-M MULTI is a qualitative rapid immunoassay for the detection of CTX-M groups 1, 2, 8, 9 and 25 in a bacterial colony obtained from culture.

Finex Co.,LTD.Taipei Branch

WILMO Electronic Nerve Stimulator


Fertility rapid test, drug of Abuse rapid test, pathogen detection rapid test, myocardial market rapid test, 2019-nCoV Ag/Ab rapid test

Fooyin University/Aging and Disease Prevention Research Center

According to the demand of precision health industry, the center has integrated the research and development energy of the school, built the intestinal precision medical platform, commercial microbacterial phase analysis platform, personalized gene testing platform, health food efficacy verification platform, probiotic enzyme platform and animal experimental platform, to provide technical services for the production and medical community.In addition, through direct cooperation with affiliated hospitals, we have launched intestinal bacteria detection kits, fast intestinal bacteria screening products, QPCR single strain detection and disease genetic testing products. At present, we have signed contracts with 12 medical and health examination companies to assist their intestinal tracts. Health and disease detection, and gradually develop industrial health innovation services and products, promote Taiwan's intestinal precision medical industry, and hope to achieve the goal of mutual benefit between industry and academia, and improve the health of the whole people.

Foresight Action International Ltd.

WaveWear is a kind of kinesiology wear combined with tape,
Reduce muscle fatigue, speed up warm-up + relieve pain, restore muscle/joint support
Now, you can wear WearWave series products and enjoy innovative products that combine compression and professional bonding.

Forlab Clinic

Precision medicine genetic testing