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H.P.B. Hi-Tech Corp.

EZcaring Device, designed and manufactured by H.P.B. Hi-Tech Corp., is a zero-contact, non-wearable, remote and real-time healthcare assistive device that can help monitor and alert care-receiver’s vital signs (respiratory rate, heart rate, and, forehead temperature) and at bed and bedside behaviors, lying on bed, rising, exit, fall down, and risky fall down. These two functions have well been use in healthcare and medical related fields.
The main technologies of EZcaring Device are infrared sensor for temperature detection, mmWare radar for respiratory rate and heart rate detection, plus dynamic vision sensor (DVS) and self-owned AI algorithm (Big Data & Deep Learning) for detecting care-receiver’s behaviors. As the human behaviors detection is not by conventional RGB camera but DVS, the user’s privacy is fully protected. Both functions of vital signs and human behaviors can be combined to use or separate to use, depending on the user’s need.
EZcaring Device’s advantage can reduce virus infection risk due to human contact and provide remote and real time monitoring & alerting functions. The Device can be deployed in the hospitals, nursing homes, senior care centers, private homes, and similar places.

Happy Clinic

Precise Medicine
Prevention Care

Healthcare Systems Consortium

HSC itself is an experienced and professional medical process improvement team. By deploying mature industrial engineering and management technologies and concepts, the HSC offers “Lean Healthcare Management” solutions and consultant services to hospitals. So far, HSC has memorable experiences in industry-university cooperation projects, which effectively helps hospitals to achieve high-efficiency and lower the cost of medical services.
Currently, HSC is continuously recruiting more members. If you are interested in Taiwan\'s efficient and high-quality Healthcare industry, you are very welcome to join our membership.

Healthy Games Development Association.

Use games to promote health.


Fragrance herbal product


Provide seats that meet the needs of the human spine to help sedentary groups avoid occupational injuries
Ergonomic chair / physician chair / surgical armrest / work chair / saddle chair / lecturer chair / assistant chair / customized chair / valet processing

HippoScreen Neurotech Corp.

The Stress EEG Assessment (SEA) system developed by HippoScreen Neurotech Corp. (HNC) includes an EEG amplifier for data collection and signal processing, a GUI for test process control, and an AI algorithm for data analysis. It records 90-second brainwave signals to analyze with AI algorithm, and then provides objective and quantifiable stress evaluation index and intuitive data distribution maps in the assessment report. With this report it can assist doctors to provide more efficient and accurate diagnosis. SEA system is designed to be a powerful AI tool for professional medical personnel in mental health screening.


The Robotic Endoscope Holder MTG-H100 is used in minimal invasive surgery to ensure stable scope views and help in improving surgery quality which is expected to play a role as a new feasible and value-added solution between conventional laparoscopic techniques and costly surgical robot surgeries.
The Robotic Gait Training System MRG-P100 is an automatic gait trainer that is space efficient and easy to operate. The unique nonsuspension system enables patients to receive weight-bearing training in a comfortable environment. The exoskeleton guides movement for gait re-education. It provides intensive trainings for patients to enhance their motivation and achieve optimal results.


Skin analysis system

HOLY TREE Biomedical Co.,Ltd.

HOLY TREE FORMOSA ESSENZ STUDIO was founded in 2004. The company
founder combined content from I-Ching, the concept of aromatherapy in Germany
the theory of meridian system in Chinese medicine. e, and the application of Wu Xing
(the five elements) with the most valuable treasures fro ` Ta an\\\'s forests, such
as, Chamnaecyparis formosensis, Cinnamomum~micranthun, Calocedrus fonnosana
(Florin), Litsea Cabeba (Lour) Persoon, Cinnamonmum Camphora, and Cryptomeria
japonica (L.f.) D. Don to develop a series products for HOLY TREE.
A TAF-accredited laboratory was entrusted to complete a comprehensive DNA
fingerprinting and total component analysis for each of the company\\\'s products.
Therefore, we have obtained patents granted by the intellectual Property Office,
Ministry of Economic Affairs. Our products have also won the \\\"National Quality
Assurance Gold Award\\\"
\\\"Invention Patent Competition Bronze Award\\\"