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J Ching health tech Co., Ltd.


J-MEX Inc.

Kinetic Measurement & Analysis System
KinMAS, a modularized system that enables Physiotherapist to rapidly develop and deploy services to guide, record, analyze users’ movement data, and feedback exercise progress to physiotherapists as supplementary evidence to home exercise which to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Physical Therapy practice.
•9 axis IMU-based multiple sensors kinetic and kinematic measurement and recording tool
•Body movement data track & capture;joint angle measure & record;measured data comparison & analysis;progress & result assessment

Jag Technology

Based on the successful experience of developing Telemedicine care in the United States and Japan in the past, Jag technology launches Virtual Ward Platform for Telemedicine, by using cloud computing, IOT and other information technologies to help promoting group health prevent the spread of virus. Jag technology carry out Virtual Ward Platform for Telemedicine, prevent the epidemic by technology. The patients only have to self-measure their vital sign, symptoms and upload it to the platform, case manager allows to manage and take care patients’ health conditions through the platform and reduce the workload of medical staff for repeated testing.

Japan Tobacco Inc.

JT Pharma, the Pharmaceutical Division of Japan Tobacco Corporation (including Akros Pharma, US; Torii Pharmaceuticals, Japan) is dedicated to the discovery, development, and sales of novel human therapeutics.

Jhen Pin Global Co.,Ltd.

Jhenpin Global Co., Ltd. is the continuation of the plant more than 20 years of water purification equipment production experience. We strengthen the design and development capabilities to make “Good Water for Good Life” come true.
Jhenpin integrate equipment-related technology and small to large-scale machine design and development have a solid foundation and ability.We has a number of patented technologies to ensure that we can provide the best quality, the most advanced equipment and technology. To enhance the technology of water filtration.

JoiiUp Technology Inc.

JoiiSports app—Deposit Your Heahth
-JoiiGym: AI-based High-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise prescription recommendation system.
-JoiiGym: bodyweight training AI recognition.
-AI-based dashboard important health index for real-time personalized health feedback.
-Five-dimension health radar chart for health assessment.
-Provide accurate health and exercise adivice.

JoiiCare—Workplace Health Promotion Programs Platform
-Enterprise/organization employee/member health promotion service platform.
-Easy managing multiple programs.

Joint Commission of Taiwan

Health Smart Taiwan, HST

HST is the first smart healthcare innovation and integration platform in Taiwan, which provides healthcare technology trends and solutions.
1. Excellent Solutions in Taiwan
2. Successful cases
3. Bridging Gaps between the Medical and Technology
4. Cross-field Collaboration for Clinical Trials
5. Integration of Virtual and Physical Exchanges between healthcare and technology


Jowin Biopharma Inc. was established in 2015 by Dr. Chiang, who worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb, an international pharmaceutical company, in R&D Department for 13 years before he came to Taiwan from the USA. Jowin research projects include drug development in targeted lung cancer drug and autoimmune suppressant drugs by applying nanotechnology, amorphous solid dispersion, and patented peptide-drug conjugate technology. Our endeavor have been highly recognized as we received the National Innovation Award in 2017 and 2019 in Taiwan. To cater to the health market demand in aging population in the world, we also develop various products in anti-aging and brain power enhancing food product, cardiovascular medical food powder to improve body strength and sexual function, blood sugar controlling food powder, sleep quality improving drink, and skin spots blemishing products. Two of products, Smart Jet powder and Dsleep drink, were honorably awarded the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) in Taiwan. It is our belief and strong desire that diversified researches and products will make Jowin Biopharma more flexible and capable of meeting the needs of all stakeholders.
We are a professional, trustworthy, honest and strong science-based company. All the products we develop are well researched and formulated to meet the set target and requirements of stakeholders with science-based evidence, international ISO and GMP requirements, and post-sale customer service. We are striving to become the No. 1 product in every category, including drug development, human health foods, and skincare products.

JPRO/WDA Western univ.

Western university introduces innovative technologies in academic institutions as well as in 50+Canadian organizations to Asian firms, through its subsidiary, WORLDiscoveries Asia. JPRO supports tech transfer and commercialization of international startups for Japan and Asia. Contact to Kaz Kamitani at [email protected], for further information.