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Bio-TEM、Drug analysis、Liquid TEM、K-kit

MacKay Medical Foundation The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan MacKay Memorial Hospital


Mag.Biotech Trading company

Weberneedle®Endo Laser



Markstein Sichtec Medical Corporation

New Trachway Video Intubation Series

Mascot New Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel:886-3-7730526 Fax:886-3-7730529

No. 2785 Bao-An Road, Ma-Lu Town, Jia-Ding District, Shanghai 201801 China
Tel: 86-21-39908327 Fax: 86-21-39908325

Contact person: +86-13817342799:Mr. James Wei
+86-13524857076:Mrs. Sally Lee

Beauty & Sanitation Application :
Spunlace for unique face mask fabric, Functional face mask, Facial clean wipe, Wet tissue, Dry mask sheets, Cotton towel, Facial towel.

Food Service /Clean wipe & Household Application :
Spunlace for Kitchen wipes, Magic mop, Duster mop, Mitten wipes, Static wipe, Glasses wipe, Flooring wipe, Factory Wipe, Sewing Wipe, Ag+ Silver ion static flooring wipe, Disposable cleaning wipe, Household surface wipe, T shape finger scrub magic wipe.

Medical Application :
Spunlace for Surgical Gowns, Mask, Cap, Bedsheet, Surgical towel, Poultice, Blood absorbent sheet, Bamboo carbonate mouth mask, Ag+ Silver ion medical face mask, Inner mask.

Industrial Application :
Spunlace for Filtration, Dehumidifier filter, PU/PVC coating substrate, Lint-free cleanroom wiper, Fire-retardant fabric, Bamboo carbonate fabric, Honeycomb curtain, Wall Paper.

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Maxigen Biotech Inc.

MBI's biomedical products are mainly applied to the usage of orthopedics, aesthetic medicine, dental and ophthalmology. Production quality is in accordance with international regulations and requirements. Also our products have been certified by Taiwan, China, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other emerging markets.

MAXTEK Go-Go Co., ltd.

Maxtek Go-Go was established in Taiwan. Golden Brain has 32 years’ experience in textile- materially. Which made Maxtek Go-Go produce the finest semi-conductive material- the Fine metallic fiber. It has multiple applications and could be used in various specialized areas. Houseware, outdoor activity, industrial workforce, medical purpose…

Medicare Products Inc.

Multiplex Diagnostics tool by Seegene

Medicrowd Smarthealth Co.,Ltd.

Mednet is the pioneer and leader in the field of digital healthcare in Taiwan. Our aim is to solve the overuse of medical resources through digital technology such as IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. We empower people to make more comprehensive health decisions by providing them with a platform that integrates online and offline services. Our mission: "Upturn current Healthcare situation using advanced technology."

As the largest Healthcare sharing platform in Asia to be our vision, we strive to advocate the importance of self-health management. We are dedicated to delivering personalized, preventive, persistent and participatory services as below:

1. Health Check-up: In alliance with 200+ institutions to offer 1500+ preset plans to meet individual's condition and requirement.

2. Health Assessment: Own-developed Automatic Report System(ARS), Health Risk Assessment(HRA) and Bioage(BA) help users understand personal health check-up report and remind their health-conscious.

3. Health Promotion: "Mednet" App allows user to record personal biodata and tailor-made health management program.

4. Medical Service: "Mednet consultation platform" helps user to obtain doctor's professional consultancy online by matching personal symptom to the medial division.