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Qin Chuang Precision Tech Co., Ltd

Inferior duodenum at the gallbladder position, observing the invasion of the gall bladder with difficulty, about 1/10 patient-useable small-sized endoscope (tradition endoscope) progress observation. Endoscopic retrograde cholangioscopic surgery (ERCP), transmission duodenal endoscopy, X-ray progress beat, but provided by black-and-white contrast medium Nearby. Mikuni Nami SpyGlass Probable SpyGlass (DPOCS, Direct peroral cholangioscopy) For gradual surgery, and for the near term endoscopy. A further significant increase in surgery. SpyGlass Main engine sickness, secondary surgical instrument Kashube wear material cost about 9 man original wear material cost. Approximately 800 patients with retrograde endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERCP), approximately NT 10,000 yuan for the instrument used for secondary surgery, and non-containable peripheral wear material. The cost of medical treatment is about 100 million or more under the Ministry of Surgery, which is applied to all units every year.

Qisda Corporation

Ultrasound、Surgical Table、Surgical Light、iQOR Integrated System、Dialysis Disposables、3D Integrated Implant Service、Medical Consumable、Hearing aid、Medical aesthetic devices、Medical Display、Smart Healthcare Solution

Qisda Corporation

LDCT Smart AI Image interpretation Platform and Smart Rehabilitation Care Platform

QT Medical, Inc.

PCA 500
The world’s most user-friendly 12-lead ECG system !
The PCA 500 is an entire ECG solution that simplifies and streamlines the 12-lead ECG testing. It is hospital grade, yet easy to use.
With seamless integration of state-of-the-art technologies: a super-compact recorder weights only 67g, patented prepositioned electrode strips, user-friendly apps for mobile devices, and HIPAA-compliant cloud, a hospital-quality 12-lead ECG can be completed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. PCA500 provides efficiency, accuracy, consistency, sanitation and better workflow, and makes 12-lead resting ECG testing accessible. It is cleared by the FDA, TFDA, and CE mark , perfect for telemedicine, ER, EMS , CRO, nursing home and remote patient monitoring.

Quanta Computer Inc.

A: QOCA Smart Ward:Smart Patient Terminal、Smart Bedside Card、Smart Whiteboard.
B: QOCA Smart Telemedicine: QOCA Telemedicine、QOCA home.
C: QOCA Smart Hospital: AI Medical Platform
D: QOCA Smart Device: QOCA ecg101/1201、Wi-Fi Otoscope Pro、Wi-Fi Teeth Scope Pro.