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Raden Automatic Co.,Ltd

Smart Medicine Dispenser


--Regal Scan specializes in AIDC system around 27years and provides the AIDC integration service for each industry in Taiwan and China.
Our company will offer professional consultation, proposal and customized development for each different request from customer side.
We hope our solution could help customer to improve the business operation and management.
Our main customers are for manufacture, Logistics warehouse, Retail, traveling hotel, financial industry, healthcare, government and education department and etc.
It’s almost over 6,000 customers located in vertical and related industries.
We have the professional technical and maintenance service team around Taiwan and the technical person is over 60% of staffs.
We could provide immediate and professional service.

Renown Information Technology Corp.


RIA Tech Co., Ltd.

RIA SafeGuard features AtmosAir bi-polar ionization technology which neutralizes viruses. The technology received outstanding microbiological efficacy testing results from Microchem Lab, more than 99.9% reduction of the human coronavirus. Test results also showed that the influenza A virus (H1N1) reduced by 99.9%, MS2 (RNA virus) reduced by 99%, Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus reduced by 99%.
RIA SafeGuard is a professional grade portable purification system for a space as large as 100 m²/ 1,076 ft² per unit. It transforms air into powerful ions that proactively seeks out and neutralizes the pathogens at their source, protects occupants against the spread of illness. It provides continuous disinfection, proven safe to use while occupants are within the space.
This technology is trusted by: Staples Center, Chase Center, Little Caesars Arena, TD Garden, Wells Fargo Center, US Bank Stadium, Bridgestone Arena, UCLA, Google, The Walter Reed Medical Hospital, Deloitte, PwC, LA World Airports, Empire State Realty Trust, University of Maryland, Hilton, Baker McKenzie, Disney, CBRE, and more.

Rice Ear Ltd.

LUFT, the German word for "air". Qi, the same pronunciation with “air” in Mandarin. “LUFTQI” brings “Good Life in Simplicity.” The Co-Founders were inspired by experiences gained from working in the largest LED company in Taiwan. The portable air purifiers, ”LUFT Cube” and “LUFT Duo” were created for allergy sufferers’ well-being. LUFTQI combined the concepts of personalization and photocatalyst technology to create a consumable-free and personal air shield.

Robust Technology Co., Ltd

Customization and automatic system integration design for biomedical laboratory process. ODM, OEM, and selling services.
Origincell-Automated Cryopreservation System.

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

To date, we have taken on a variety of challenges in areas such as skincare, food, agriculture, and regenerative medicine, going beyond the framework of a traditional pharmaceutical manufacturer, in order to make people healthier and more beautiful in their body and mind. This desire and approach will not change in the future. Also, looking beyond Japan to the world, we feel that there are many things we can contribute to in various regions.
The basic concept of our business strategy is to create a unique business by organically combining various health and beauty fields while looking to the future of society. Through these strategic actions, contributing to the betterment of health will continue to be our unique strength in the future.
We will actively work on our overseas business, which has greatly helped support our growth so far, and expand the number of international employees in our domestic research facilities. In addition, in each country, our employees will learn deeply about the daily lives of the local people, identify the needs of each community, and promote tailored product development in order to foster two-way globalization.